Unlock the journey with Airwheel SE3miniT smart boarding luggage, you will gain convenience and freedom

Unlock the journey with Airwheel SE3miniT smart boarding luggage, you will gain convenience and freedom
A journey, for contemporary urban young people, is an important means of relaxation, which can inject more fresh energy into life.
And because of the extraordinary significance, the way to unlock the journey is also very important. After all, different ways of unlocking and opening mean different experiences.
In order to bring more convenience and freedom to travelers, Airwheel has launched the smart boarding suitcase SE3miniT.

It is both luggage and mobility equipment.

Whether in the airport, the station, or the hotel and other contexts, we always drag our suitcases to move on foot, not fast, but with great fatigue. In order to solve this problem, Airwheel SE3miniT intelligent riding suitcase is equipped with a powerful motor wheel, which can be driven by electric energy, all the way forward at a speed of 9km/h.
And all you have to do is just to control the intelligent riding handle, control the direction, bearing in mind that the right handle presses the acceleration, the left handle presses the brake, Press the left and right handles together to move backwards. We believe that even for all kinds of intelligent equipment bitter old man, but also must be able to easily manipulate, use, ride Airwheel SE3miniT intelligent riding box to serve their own journey, so that making the journey simple and enjoyable.

It is also a mobile charging station.

Travel fatigue is solved, charging difficult problem, also need to be solved.
In order to optimize the user experience in the journey, Airwheel SE3miniT intelligent luggage in the box on the outside of the special expansion of the design of USB charging port, as long as the journey demand, you can always connect the data line, for mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth headphones, smart watches and other types of portable electronic devices charging, to ensure that the power all the way worry-free, away from the anxiety brought about by low power feelings.
It can be said to be a very thoughtful and practical function.

Although there is a lithium battery, boarding is no problem.

Because it is emerging equipment and relies on lithium battery drive, it will make many friends worry whether the Airwheel SE3miniT smart riding luggage can be successfully boarded.
For this reason, Airwheel SE3miniT smart ride luggage is also prepared!
It is especially designed with a modular battery, which can be flexibly disassembled and installed without the use of any tools.
At the same time, the battery capacity is 73.26WH, in line with the norms of major airlines, before the security check only need to quickly disassemble the battery, will be able to pass smoothly, without being blocked.
The volume of the luggage also meets the international standard specifications for 20-inch boarding luggage, so it can be carried directly on board, without the need to check in.
luggage lock also for aviation needs, the use of the international common TSA customs lock, can avoid violence to open the inspection, so that the journey is always smooth.

Load ability is the basic element of peace of mind riding use.

Even if the Airwheel SE3miniT intelligent riding box from the function to the practical application, is effective enough, the "box strength" is still very important. It determines whether you can ride without fear.
Its luggage shell is made of ABS + PC composite material, the strength is too hard, and scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, good toughness, higher durability, long time use can also maintain a good state.
The frame is specially designed with an exclusive patented 6-series high-grade aluminum alloy, using one-piece molding technology to create a load of up to 110kg, the luggage can always be stable and not deformed when riding. You can store all kinds of items in the luggage without worrying about them being crushed and damaged because of riding.
Travel can be opened in a thousand different ways, but the core is to enable us to enjoy life and have fun in our rare leisure.
We hope that in the company of Airwheel SE3miniT intelligent riding luggage, can be less running and tired, more full and intelligent, easy to feel every beauty of the world.

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