Airwheel rhapsody: luggage into intelligent technology, you can ride into the world with a finger

Nowadays, talking about smart technology, is no longer a distant imagination on the other side of the screen, but more real located at hand. You just need to try boldly, you can enjoy the convenience of technology.

In the rhapsody of Airwheel's bold innovation, luggage can also be unusual, become enough technology, and not limited to a choice. It combines all aspects of needs, brainstorming, and cutting-edge technology to provide users with more diverse choices. After all, only what suits you is called excellent good equipment!

Suitable for cute girls: the pink Airwheel SE3miniT

As an intelligent ride boarding suitcase, Airwheel SE3miniT not only has a simple and exquisite box body, there are iPhone the same pink box body optional, full of girlhood, especially suitable for female users.
And, it is also equipped with a strong motor wheel, driven by electricity, can ride at a speed of 9km/h.
The outside of the case also expands the USB charging port, connect the data cable, you can always charge your phone, tablet, Bluetooth headset, smart bracelet and other types of portable electronic devices, to ensure that the power all the way worry-free, at any time to share beautiful pictures or enjoy music, voice and so on
For boarding, Airwheel SE3miniT smart ride suitcase uses a modular battery pack, and the plug-in structure is designed on the side of the case, with a capacity of 73.26WH, so before boarding through security, you only need to quickly disassemble the battery, you can pass without issue.

Large capacity necessary: Airwheel SE3T

Also intelligent riding luggage, Airwheel SE3T has a large capacity space of up to 48L, to meet the needs of users for luggage storage along the way. And it is rideable, can make the journey in carrying more luggage, but also always easy, rather than suffer from the fatigue of the load. In addition to cycling load more easily, Airwheel SE3T intelligent cycling box can ride at a speed of 13km / h, compared to walking more quickly and move more efficiently.

Strength, taking into account the use of long rides, Airwheel SE3T intelligent riding box specially adopted the patented frame design. It is made of aviation-grade high-strength aluminum alloy and uses one-piece molding technology to ensure that the box frame is solid enough to carry an overall weight of up to 110kg, which can meet the normal use of most weight users. At the same time, the case shell and the box frame is also reinforced with dozens of high-strength rivets to ensure that the case shell more comfortable, riding completely will not be deformed, can fully protect the box luggage from external extrusion, can be stored without worry.

Children's exclusive: rideable & storytelling machine of Airwheel SQ3

Airwheel SQ3 is an intelligent children's suitcase developed and launched exclusively for children.
It has a cute shape, both in line with the child's soft and cute temperament, but also to make children fall in love at first sight, more favorite. Not only that, the color has a pink, blue and white three choices to meet the needs of children with different preferences.

For safety reasons, Airwheel SQ3 intelligent children's luggage riding speed is not greedy fast, but set to the same speed of 5km/h with the regular walking speed of adults. riding it, the child can easily catch up with the pace of parents. Not only can children fully retain their strength during the journey, but also free parents.

Luggage is also equipped with high-fidelity speakers inside, and supports TF card and Bluetooth connection in two ways, so that the luggage can be transformed into a portable speaker, greatly enriching the journey play, used to play children's songs, fairy tales and other types of audio files.

hands-free : intelligent auto following carry-on luggage Airwheel SR5

In addition to the type of luggage that can be ridden, the Airwheel SR5 is a more technological choice.

Just wear the special bracelet and start the following mode, the luggage will automatically put down the drive wheels and drive the luggage to follow the owner automatically. The case is equipped with a highly accurate UWB positioning module inside, and in the following mode, it can intelligently locate the owner's coordinate information, and will monitor the distance information from the owner in real time, and will flexibly adjust the following speed between 2-6km/h, so as to ensure the appropriate following distance.

In terms of obstacle avoidance, Airwheel SR5 intelligent follow box is also well prepared! It is equipped with infrared, ultrasonic and other sensing modules, can determine the obstacles in the environment around the following path, and the use of algorithms, timely planning and reasonable avoidance of bypass aspects, so as to achieve flexible following, avoid collisions, so that the owner has no worries.

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