What is the best brand of vacay luggage in 2024

Nowadays, people all over the world have more and more time to go out and enjoy their vacay. However, what is the most important thing about going out? That is, of course, packing your luggage. And what is the best vacay luggage brand in 2024? It is Airwheel.


Airwheel is an intelligent travel equipment brand founded in 2013 and based in China. As a manufacturer focusing on personal electric mobility tools, Airwheel is committed to providing users with innovative, convenient and environmentally friendly mobility solutions. Its products are widely used in the fields of urban transportation, tourism and leisure and personal vacay, and are welcomed and recognised by users worldwide.

Next let's see why Airwheel is the best brand of vacay luggage in 2024.

Innovative Design: Airwheel luggage is famous for its innovative design. They are made with advanced technology and craftsmanship, attention to detail and practicality. These luggage have been carefully designed to provide better experience and convenience.

Electric Smart Function: Some models of Airwheel luggage are equipped with electric intelligent function. This means they have built-in motors and batteries to help you move your luggage more easily. With a button or remote control, you can control the luggage to follow your pace automatically without the need to push and pull hard, even some models can be ridden.

airwheel vacay luggage

Lightweight and Portable: Airwheel luggage is made of lightweight materials--PC and ABS, making it lighter and more portable. This is important for travelers who want to lighten the load of their luggage and have more space to carry essentials.

Durability and Quality: Airwheel luggage is renowned for its durability and high quality. They are made from high quality materials and undergo strict quality control. This means that they can withstand the wear and tear and impact of everyday vacay for long periods of time without damage or failure.

Intelligent Security: Airwheel luggage are equipped with intelligent security features. They have a digital combination lock, fingerprint recognition or TSA lock to keep your luggage safe. These security features provide additional protection against unauthorized opening of your luggage by others.

Large Capacity and Organisation: Airwheel luggage offers ample storage space and good organization. They are often equipped with multiple compartments, zipped pockets and adjustable straps for better organization and protection of your belongings. This allows you to organize and access your clothing, shoes and other travel items with ease.

Stylish Look: Airwheel luggage focuses on a stylish look to meet the aesthetic needs of modern travelers. They are simple and stylish in design, offering a wide range of colour and style options to suit different personal preferences.

airwheel sr5

Multi-functionality: Apart from being luggage, Airwheel different models of suitcases also have a variety of functions. For example, they are also equipped with USB charging port, Bluetooth speaker, mobile power, rideable, auto-follow and so on, providing more convenience and entertainment options for travelers.

Silent Design: The electric models in Airwheel luggage have a silent design. This means that they produce low noise while travelling and do not cause disturbance or discomfort to people around.

Expandability: Some models of Airwheel luggage have an expandable design that allows the capacity to be adjusted according to needs. This makes them adaptable to different travel needs, whether for short trips or long trips.

Environmentally Friendly and Energy-saving: Airwheel focuses on the concept of environmental protection and aims to reduce the reliance on traditional fuel transport. Electric travel tools do not produce exhaust emissions, reducing the negative impact on the environment. In addition, Airwheel luggage are designed to be energy efficient, resulting in a longer battery life and providing a longer range after a single charge.

User experience: Airwheel luggage focuses on user experience and is committed to providing users with a comfortable, safe and convenient way to travel. The product has an intelligent control system that can automatically balance and navigate according to the user's operation and movement, providing a smooth riding or following experience.

airwheel se3s

The Most Important - No Worries about Boarding: As a smart suitcase, the Airwheel suitcase is, of course, with a built-in battery and electric device. But you don't have to worry about this affecting your boarding, as the built-in lithium batteries in Airwheel suitcases are all no more than 73.26WH, fully compliant with international air travel requirements.

Besides, Airwheel suitcases are designed as carry-on suitcases not exceeding 20 inches, except for se3t which is 24 inches and meets the check-in requirements of international airlines, and can be carried into the passenger cabin and put on the overhead rack.

In a word, the main features of Airwheel luggage include innovative design, electric intelligence, light and portable, durability and high quality, intelligent security, large capacity, stylish appearance, versatility, silent design and boardability. These advantages make Airwheel a highly respected vacay luggage brand in 2024 for those travelers who seek convenience, comfort and style.

Next, I'd like to introduce you to one of Airwheel best selling smart riding suitcases, the Airwheel se3s.

Instead of the usual universal wheels, the Airwheel SE3S, one of the smart suitcases, is equipped with 5.5" motor front wheels and 5" non-slip rear wheels, allowing the luggage to ride and move under electric power. With a cycling speed of up to 13km/h, much faster than conventional walking speeds, riding through airports and stations will be much more effortless, enjoyable and efficient than traditional luggage.


The smart riding handle only has the left and right handlebars to be operated, the right handlebar accelerates and the left handlebar brakes, together the control reverses, so it can be said that the three basic operations are in line with people's daily habits and are easy to master, even for older people who are not good at smart equipment can easily and quickly get to grips with it.

As a special smart riding suitcase, the strength of the Airwheel SE3S is also outstanding, so that it can carry the user's weight comfortably and meet the needs of long rides. The suitcase is made of German imported PC laminate + Taiwan Chi Mei ABS material, which is waterproof, wear-resistant, not easily deformed, and has excellent strength and resistance to pressure. The frame is made of a patented 6-series high-grade aircraft-grade aluminium alloy and is made using uni-body technology, with a load capacity of 110kg.

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