airwheel robot smart rideable electric luggage

Airwheel Robot - Smart Ride On Electric Suitcase

Beyond the Ordinary, Ride into the Extraordinary

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Which Airwheel robot suits you?

Help you make sure what's between with these three smart Airwheel robots. Discover your perfect match: explore the Airwheel robot tailored just for you!


20 In (20 L)

20 In (26 L)

24 In (48 L)

Max. Weight

242.5 lbs (110 kg)

242.5 lbs (110 kg)

242.5 lbs (110 kg)

Max. Speed

8 mph (13 km/h)

8 mph (13 km/h)

8 mph (13 km/h)





airwheel robot se3 carry-on series mobile

Airwheel Robot - Carry On

Elevate Your Excursions with Our Carry-On Marvel – Where Convenience Meets Chic!

20-inch Airwheel Robot SE3S

20 - inch Airwheel Robot Board Directly

In Airwheel Robots, Airwheel Robot SE3S and Airwheel Robot SE3MiniT are both 20 - inch electric riding suitcase. This 20-inch Airwheel Robots meets the direct boarding standards of most airlines. Therefore, Airwheel Robot SE3S and Airwheel Robot SE3MiniT are both carry-on suitcases.

ride the Airwheel Robot SE3MiniT

Brilliant for One Person Ride

The dimension of the Airwheel Robot SE3S is 550*360*240mm and the size of the Airwheel Robot SE3MiniT is 385*250*575mm. The design sizes of these two Airwheel Robots are very exquisite and compact. This size is perfect for one person to ride on top of the Airwheel Robot.

The Storage of Airwheel Robot SE3S

Appropriate Space to Storage

These exquisite 2 Airwheel Robot have practical storage space. Airwheel Robot SE3S has 20L of storage space and is better for short trips. If you wanna place more items in the suitcase, the 26L storage space of Airwheel Robot SE3MiniT is more suitable for you.

ride the Airwheel Robot SE3S

Different Riding Poles

These two Airwheel Robots use different riding methods. Airwheel Robot SE3S uses a telescopic extension pole to make riding more comfortable and Airwheel Robot SE3MiniT uses a hidden riding pole to make riding more convenient.

airwheel robot se3t checked banner mobile

Airwheel Robot - Checked

Discover the Extraordinary with Our Checked Luggage – Your Gateway to Unforgettable Journeys!

24- inch Airwheel Robot SE3T

24 - inch Checked Airwheel Robot

Airwheel Robot SE3T is a 24 - inch smart electric riding suitcase. The 24-inch suitcase need to be checked in and cannot be taken directly on the plane. Therefore, Airwheel Robot SE3T is a checked suitcase.

a kid and an aldult ride the Airwheel Robot SE3T

Better for a Kid and an Aldult

The size of Airwheel Robot SE3T is 520*270*605mm. Compared with the other two Airwheel Robots, this size of this suitcase is larger. It is convenient for family travel and can accommodate 1 adult and 1 child to ride the Airwheel Robot SE3T together.

The storage of Airwheel Robot SE3T

Larger Space to Storage

You can use Airwheel Robot SE3T if you need a lot of space for storaging while traveling.This suitcase has 48L of storage space, which can accommodate a large number of travel items.

Ride the Airwheel Robot SE3T

Ride with Hidden Pole

Airwheel Robot SE3T and Airwheel Robot SE3MiniT are used the same hidden riding poles. The hidden riding pole can save more luggage space and make riding more convenient.


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Based on 29 reviews
control it easily

Kids learned to control it quickly. It's very good. Adults also feel very stable sitting on it.

Airwheel luggage is the bomb!

It's so cool! It made getting around so much easier, especially in crowded airports and train stations.

For me, that's awesome!

Wanted to get one for family rides during vacations, ended up breaking a bone. Took a stroll in the hospital, lots of people asked for the link. Turns out it's pretty handy and cool!

Cool luggage with multi-colored lights

It's a bit heavy, but it can also be checked in. Other than that, it's great. My kids love it and they have a lot of fun with it. The new version with the multi-colored lights is really cool.

Get Blackpink luggage!

Get Blackpink same style, so fun yeah. Now I can finally take my sister to play. The capacity is not too big, but the surprise is that there is a computer compartment!

Go out with it

Really like it. Nothing wrong with it except it's expensive! Not too much capacity is fine. Great for going to Universal or Disney with an entourage of kids!

Good deal

Fast deal, smooth transaction, item received in good condition. Thank you for delivering to my place!! :-)

Don't worry about the quality!

Look for this luggage for a long time and buy it .At first, worry about the quality. When get it, it is so pretty .

Very Good Quality, hard cover case luggage

Smooth transaction.
Fast delivery.
Item in perfect condition.
Detachable battery for easy charging and airport scan.
Free gift is legit.

Nice set

The suitcase is very good quality, it will be very useful for my trips, what I like the most is that I can sit on it and go around anywhere, I recommend it

By far the best!

Just bought this a month ago,
Flew over 2 times and it fits perfectly in all airlines.
All my belongings fit inside and plenty of space is left !
Definetly suggesting to my friends 🚀


I am very exited for my first trip with my luggage. I have got it as a birthday present. :)

My battery

My battery didn’t come in yet

Charger For Airwheel Luggage
Wolfgang Mielke (Hanover, DE)
Ersatzteil erhalten

very good, all right! Thanks

not cabin type

Should have clearly stated this is not a cabin type luggage as the luggage itself already 9.4kg most of the airplane can only hand carry at 7kg the most.

working top unyill now


Bad communication and missing battery

I ordered at the beginning of may. It took two weeks untill the suitcase arrived in Germany. But there was no battery and no tracking information for the battery. I tried to get in touch with airwheel to ask for information about the status of the battery. But no response. So I am still waiting for the battery and cannot use the suitcase.

I'm very satisfied

This is Guido Guglielmi, writing from Rome, Italy. I'll be in Los Angeles in late June: where are you based? Is your Company in the NYSE?

Awesome travel essentials

Good stuff!


The item is excellent and we love it. Despite the long shipping time which took 3 weeks, atleast the item was received in excellent shape.

Got an extra battery

Love my suitcase scooter but wanted an extra battery so I never run out of power. It arrived quickly.

Innovative Product

Luggage Scotter is an innovative product. It would be of great help to people with limited mobility in navigating airports. It is very well designed.

Airwheel SE3S Electric Ride On Suitcase Scooter Carry-On

Airwheel Luggage SE3miniT Riding Up to 10km (6miles) Carry-On

Li-ion Battery For Airwheel Luggage Power Bank