How to choose a good smart luggage?

In everyday life you will always see smart luggage of all shapes and sizes, some in brilliant colors, others in simple and minimalist ways. However, choosing a good smart luggage is crucial. A good smart luggage is sturdy and durable, while a luggage that lacks quality will always play jokes on its owner at inadvertent times, embarrassing him or her to no end. Here's how you can choose a good smart luggage.

airwheel se3s


Oxford cloth: A material similar to nylon, the advantage is wear-resistant, practical, the disadvantage is the production of a thousand boxes, in the airport is not good to distinguish the luggage, and relatively heavy.

Polyester: Polyester fabric is commonly used a chemical fiber fabric, has a high strength and elastic recovery ability, has a good waterproof luggage, commonly used in outdoor products.

Canvas: The biggest advantage is wear-resistant, canvas material is very evenly coloured, while the disadvantage is that the impact resistance is not as good as Oxford cloth.

ABS: Lighter, the surface is more flexible and rigid, good impact resistance, easier to clean, the disadvantage is easy to have scratches.

airwheel luggage abs+pc material

PC: Drop-resistant, waterproof, impact-resistant, wear-resistant, stronger than ABS, is the strongest case, of course, the price is also expensive, the biggest drawback is heavy.


Tie bar: The material of the tie bar is usually aluminium alloy, steel, the structure has a cut-off, two-cut-off, three-cut-off. Two-cut, three-cut, means that the trolley can be adjusted according to the weight of the case to adjust the length. Generally 20" and 24" use the three cut-offs and 28" use the two cut-offs.

When shopping, the trolley must be selected built-in and steel or all-aluminium, all-aluminium lighter and sturdier, otherwise can not afford to brutal loading and unloading, in addition, look at the other configuration of the trolley case, such as put away the button set whether humane, trolley in the collection and pull is smooth, etc..

Wheels: The material of the wheels is usually rubber, wear-resistant and shock-absorbing, with low noise. They are available either built-in or external. The advantage is that they are durable and can withstand the brutal handling of consignments, but the disadvantage is that they cannot change direction at will and are suitable for any road surface in towns, railway stations and bus stations.

the wheel of airwheel luggage

External wheels are often called "universal wheels" because they can roll in any direction. The advantage of the "universal wheel" is that the trolley case in operation can change direction freely and at will with the movement of your body, but its disadvantage is that it can not withstand the brutal loading and unloading of the consignment, suitable for high-end shopping malls airport smooth road.

External wheels in general 4 and 8 wheels, also known as single-row wheels and double-row wheels, in terms of sturdiness, single-row wheels are better than double-row wheels.

Sturdiness: one-way wheel > aeroplane wheel > universal wheel. Handling: aeroplane wheel > universal wheel > one-way wheel. Market price: aeroplane wheel > universal wheel > one-way wheel.

Zip and frame: Smart suitcase opening commonly used in two forms: aluminum frame and zip. Aluminum frame suitcase is the articulation of the upper and lower parts of the bag is an aluminum frame, the general aluminum frame suitcase material is made of PC material, the use of aluminum frame luggage comparative overall will be strong, can also be used as a travel chair, tired, can sit on it, do not worry about the aluminum frame will deform the situation.

Aluminium frames of airwheel luggage

However, the general price of the aluminum frame luggage will be more expensive than the zip, while the same size aluminum frame luggage than the same size of the zip box is a lot bulkier. The appearance of the aluminium frame luggage looks more fashionable, especially now there are also coloured aluminium frame luggage.

The zip of smart luggage is the articulation of the upper and lower part of the bag is a zip. Zip luggage material can be cowhide, canvas, can also be PC, in general zip luggage bag material types than the aluminum frame to more, its use will need to be determined according to the quality of the zip. The better quality of the zip will last longer, and it is best not to sit on it.

Combination locks: Combination locks are an important accessory to protect the safety of your luggage during travel, and are opened with a series of numbers. Combination codes for combination locks are usually just an arrangement rather than a true combination. Some locks only use a dial to turn a number of discs or cams inside the lock, while others use a set of numbered dials to turn a mechanism inside the lock.

TSA lock

The combination locks on smart luggage are generally divided into convex and inlaid, with the inlaid type being more secure as the internal mechanical parts are better concealed, but also more costly.

Note: Many combination locks have a lock hole with a hexagonal pattern on it, the lock with this symbol is not keyed, this is called a customs lock. Customs locks, also known as TSA certified locks, are locks that are used with a universal TSA special key used by international customs worldwide as opposed to being used. This key is only available from Customs, and is not provided by the manufacturer. Generally when going abroad, it is recommended to use a combination lock with this logo.

Lining: The lining of the luggage, for travel luggage plays a good role in the protection, while the lining of the luggage is also an important symbol to measure the good and bad of a luggage. The lining is generally made of polyester, nylon, satin, poplin, etc. The general lining used in trolley cases is polyester and satin.

the lining

Handle: Trolley bags are generally equipped with a handle, the handle is mainly used to carry the trolley bags, due to the general loading of luggage, trolley bags are generally heavier, so the solidity and comfort of the handle is particularly important. At present, the handle of the smart luggage is generally a hard handle, which has a high degree of solidity, but feels poor when carrying heavy objects. The other is a soft resin handle, which is made of resin in contact with the hand, so that it feels better and does not strangle the hand while still being firm.

Now, do you know how to choose a good smart luggage? Why not take a look at the Airwheel Smart Luggage.

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