Mother's Day, Don't Forget to Prepare Airwheel Smart Suitcase as a Gift!

Time goes by, time goes by!

Don't be too busy to sigh, think about this Sunday is Mother's Day, are you ready for your gift?

If you have not locked the target, then hurry to look at this list of intelligent gifts given by Airwheel to see if it can be the answer you are looking for.

Travel, procurement can be Airwheel SE3miniT

Airwheel SE3miniT is a compact boardable smart riding case.

Its riding function can help old mothers to easily walk on the journey, from then on away from leg pain, leg pain. Riding speed between 8km / h, slightly faster than walking, but just suitable for viewing and taking photos along the way.

The USB charging port on the outside of the case expands the design to help them charge their phones in time, avoiding the trouble of borrowing or renting a charger along the way, and also ensuring the normal tools of cell phones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, and other portable electronic devices on the move.

Although it is a travel case, in addition to the journey, Airwheel SE3mini intelligent cycling case can be applied to daily purchases, it has a storage space of 26L, just can be put into a large bag of all kinds of hoarded goods, carry mobile effortlessly, riding can.

It can be said that the Airwheel SE3mini intelligent riding case as a gift, will be able to help old mothers to live more easily!

With children, activities necessary Airwheel SE3T

Also as a smart riding case, Airwheel SE3T has a larger volume and can meet two people riding at the same time to use, ideal for mothers with children.

Its box frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and the application of one-piece molding technology, load weight up to 110kg, can meet the needs of most mothers and young children riding at the same time, and ensure that the box is always strong and does not deform.

Box internal storage space of up to 48L can simultaneously store more clothes, computers, and other journey equipment, travel with children need to put all kinds of trivial items, and no longer need to carry a large bag to carry. The side opening lid can also be convenient to take and put, and will not cause the luggage to scatter out because of the lid opening, but also to fully protect personal privacy.

Not only has a larger box, Airwheel SE3T intelligent cycling box has a faster riding speed, to 13km / h speed all the way forward, to ensure that the journey full of passion!

airwheel shop blog mothers day SR5

The Airwheel SR5 frees your hands and warms your heart

You can also choose the Airwheel SR5 intelligent follow box that can fully free your hands.

Although it can not ride, smart enough to follow the owner's side, easy to do where to follow. And, follow the speed between 2km / h-6km / h, according to the distance between the master, flexible adjustment of the appropriate speed, without the user deliberately with the speed, so you can enjoy using.

At the same time, it is also equipped with ultrasonic, infrared, and other sensing modules, which can monitor the obstacles on the following path in real-time, and timely calculate the appropriate obstacle avoidance bypass program to ensure that the box can safely follow and avoid collisions.

With Airwheel SR5 intelligent follow the box, even if there is no way to personally accompany the journey, and carry the luggage, but also to save her from the fatigue and inconvenience of carrying bulky luggage during the journey.


With the powerful Airwheel smart luggage, naturally, do not forget to take your mother on a trip this holiday, although the epidemic limits the travel radius, even if only half a day of companionship - and they enjoy the outdoor walk, the bright time of the countryside, but also can certainly make them happy.

I would like to wish all mothers under the sky a happy holiday! Every day in the future will be happy and unrestrained!

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