What is the luggage that you can ride?

Travelling can be both exciting and exhausting. Lugging a heavy suitcase through the airport, waiting in line to check in and then lugging it through the hotel lobby can be a daunting task that may make your otherwise happy trip exhausting. But wouldn't your trip be more enjoyable and wonderful if there was a way to make carrying your suitcase more convenient and easy or even allow you to ride on it? Excitingly, Airwheel has launched such  intelligent luggage products. From now on, rideable luggage and auto-follow luggage are no longer just a fantasy.

riding on your luggage

Rideable suitcase is exactly what it sounds like - a kind of luggage that you can ride on like a scooter or skateboard. It's an innovative way to travel that combines convenience, fun and practicality.

Nowadays, there are several types of riding luggage on the luggage market, each with its own unique features and benefits. Airwheel, one of the most popular and influential brands, produces smart rideable luggage with several different functional options:

Suitcase Scooter

This type of ride on luggage looks like an ordinary suitcase but contains a scooter inside. You can pull out the handle of the suitcase scooter and ride on it like a scooter. This makes it easy to get through crowds and long airport terminals, just like Airwheel SE3S luggage. Not only does it not require you to lug the heavy suitcase around, it can even carry you so that you can walk free through the airport or station.

 Airwheel SE3S Luggage

Suitcase Skateboard  

If you prefer skateboarding to scooters, then a luggage with skateboard wheels may be more your style. This kind  of ride-on luggage has a built-in skateboard deck and wheels that allow you to ride like a skateboard. Here we may recommend the Airwheel SE3miniT luggage. Of course, there is another luggage of the same type, Airwheel SE3T, which differs from Airwheel SE3miniT in that it allows two people to ride together, especially suitable for adults travelling with children.

ride on the luggage with children

Electric Rideable Luggage

For those who want to take rideable luggage to the next level, it is certainly a better choice to have electricity to power the luggage. And every smart electric rideable luggage released by Airwheel has such a function. These suitcases have a built-in electric motor and can ride at speeds of up to 13km per hour, making your travel style fun and efficient.

Rideable Carry On Luggage

If you like to travel light, then Airwheel rideable carry on suitcases may be the perfect choice for you. These small suitcases have a built-in scooter or skateboard deck, but are not sized to violate most airline boarding requirements and can easily be taken on board as your carry-on.

 Boardable luggage

The benefits of rideable suitcase are obvious. Not only does it make your travel more fun, but it also helps you get to your destination faster and with less effort. It's a great way to save time and energy while enjoying your trip. Of course, with electric rideable luggage, you may also have a question: will it affect you and your luggage boarding the plane if it has a built-in electric mechanism? My answer is that this is certainly not a problem for Airwheel luggage.

So, if you are tired of lugging heavy suitcase around the airport, consider investing in Airwheel rideable luggage. It may turn your travel into a cooler and smarter mode altogether.

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