Is smart luggage worth it?

Smart luggage refers to luggage that is equipped with various smart technologies and features such as built-in power, GPS tracking, rideability and even the ability to follow automatically to provide a more convenient travel experience for travellers. The question of whether smart luggage is worth buying depends on individual needs and preferences.


1. Chargers on the Go

For travellers who are always on the go and rely heavily on their electronic devices, smart luggage can offer great convenience. The built-in power settings allow travellers to charge their electronic devices on the go without the need to carry a separate power bank or the hassle of finding a power outlet. Examples include Airwheel SE Series and SQ Series products. These smart suitcases have an external USB port and a removable lithium battery inside, so you can charge your electronic devices at any time. Of course, their battery devices also meet the standards and requirements of airlines and are allowed to be boarded.


2. GPS Positioning Function

Smart luggage can be equipped with GPS positioning technology to help travellers track or retrieve their lost luggage at any time, just like Airwheel SR5. This electric suitcase can be connected with the corresponding app on your mobile phone, and then you can monitor the location of the luggage at any time. Of course, the luggage also has an anti-loss alarm function. If your luggage is more than 3 metres away from you, it will trigger your phone or bracelet to vibrate and alert you if your luggage is out of the safe distance, either with the fitted bracelet or by connecting to the luggage's GPS system using the app. If you can no longer find where your suitcase is, you can then open the connected mobile app to find out where your suitcase is and find it.


3. Smart Locks

Many smart suitcases are now popularly equipped with digital locks as this helps travellers to protect their luggage from theft and is easier to lock and unlock. Airwheel suitcases not only have TSA combination locks for easy customs inspection, but some series of products also have fingerprint locks that allow users to open their suitcases more easily and quickly.


4. Auto-follow Movement

There are also some smart luggage that can achieve the function of automatically following the travellers, which is greatly convenient for travellers as it can reduce the carrying and dragging of luggage. In this function, Airwheel SR Series products do a very good job. Its luggage can be controlled by the equipped mouse and the corresponding mobile app to move the luggage so that the luggage can automatically follow the owner's pace.


5. Electric Smart Rideable

Smart luggages have turned into a trend in the luggage market and some manufacturers have now invented electric rideable luggage. In the field of intelligent riding luggage, Airwheel is one of the brands that have done a quite good job. Airwheel ridable luggages are praised for its high quality, durability and reliability, and is equipped with intelligent control systems and protection devices. It greatly facilitates the travel of travellers and reduces their fatigue on the journey.


Smart luggages can offer travellers a more convenient and efficient travel experience, but because of their highly integrated features and technology, they are often more expensive than traditional luggages. Smart luggage can be a great option for those who travel a lot or need to use multiple electronic devices on the go.


All in all, if you value convenience, technology and efficient travel, then smart luggage is well worth investing in. However, if you prefer traditional luggage or feel that the technological features are unnecessary, then traditional luggage may be a better option for you. Ultimately, the decision to invest in smart luggage depends on your personal needs and preferences.


Of course, if you badly need a smart luggage to accompany you on your travels, here we recommend you a brand that is doing pretty well in this field - Airwheel.



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