How does smart luggage work?

how does smart luggage work

The suitcase has ushered in the era of intelligence, are you out of date?

Every single object is now turning into a smart thing, making everyone's life easier, like the smart suitcase that makes your journey easier.

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What is the best smart luggage we can buy?

Just luggage with fingerprint unlocking or an APP control function considered smart luggage? I don't think so. Please let me bring you the latest knowledge about smart luggage.

According to my observation, real wisdom luggage nowadays is divided into 2 major categories: smart riding luggage and smart follow luggage. Smart riding luggage is not only rideable, it is electric luggage with motorized. Smart follow suitcase is not just a suitcase that can follow you on the road, but a suitcase that can be free from hands with peace of mind, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and intelligent speed change.

What benefits does smart luggage bring us?

Let me take you through the full range of really smart features.
  • Convenience

A smart riding suitcase offers ultimate convenience for travelers by eliminating the need to carry or pull their luggage. The suitcase can move on its own, freeing up the hands and allowing travelers to move effortlessly through crowded airports or train stations.

  • Time-saving

With a smart riding suitcase, travelers can move quickly through the airport or train station without the need to stop and rest their arms or switch hands while carrying luggage. This can save time and make the travel experience more efficient.

  • Reduced physical strain

Traditional luggage can be heavy and cumbersome to carry around, causing physical strain on the body. With a smart riding suitcase, travelers can avoid this strain and reduce the risk of injury.

  • Security features

Many smart riding suitcases come with security features such as GPS tracking, which allows travelers to locate their luggage if it gets lost or stolen. Additionally, some suitcases have lock mechanisms that prevent unauthorized access.

  • Tech-savvy

Smart riding suitcases are designed with technology in mind, and they often come with additional features such as built-in USB charging ports, Bluetooth speakers, and proximity sensors. These features enhance the overall travel experience and make the suitcase more versatile.

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How does smart luggage work?

Smart luggage uses a variety of technologies and features to provide smarter, more convenient, and more secure baggage management.

Some of these technologies include:

  • Fingerprint recognition and combination lock

Smart luggage is equipped with fingerprint recognition and combination lock features to help travelers protect their luggage from theft and pilferage. Passengers can set their own fingerprints or passwords to unlock the luggage, ensuring that only authorized personnel can open it.

  • USB charging port

The smart luggage is equipped with a USB charging port to provide convenient charging for travelers' mobile devices. This can provide travelers with additional convenience and ease while traveling.

  • Mobile apps

Smart luggage is often paired with mobile apps that allow travelers to more easily track the location and status of their luggage, including information such as weight, security status, and distance.

  • Positioning Technology

The original definition of UWB came from the pulsed communication technology that emerged in the 1960s, also known as Impulse Radio (IR) technology. This technology uses baseband pulses with steep rising and falling edges to communicate directly. Positioning accuracy can be achieved at the CM level.

In short, smart luggage uses a variety of advanced technologies to provide travelers with a more convenient, secure, and intelligent baggage management solution.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Airwheel smart riding suitcases be used as regular luggage?

A: Yes, of course you can.

Q: Can I ride downhill with this? Does it stop?

A: Yes. Airwheel smart Ride Luggage allows you to control forward, reverse, accelerate, and brake with 2 buttons. And Airwheel smart follow luggage intelligently adjust the speed according to your speed. 

Q: Is the battery TSA approved for carry-on luggage?

A3: Yes, Airwheel smart luggage uses an international TSA code lock.

Q: How many kilometers or miles travel when fully charged?

A: The Airwheel SE3S & SE3MiniT smart luggage can last 5-10km, depending on the road you ride on.

Q: Can Airwheel luggage be in flight cabin? 

A: Yes. Airwheel intelligent luggage is equipped with removable power battery, which meets the international common airline standards. It includes America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Q: Where can I buy Airwheel luggage and are there any discounts available?

 A: You can buy smart luggage at with discount code [AirwheelShop]

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