Enjoyable Travelling, Choose Airwheel Smart Luggage

Many people choose to reduce the amount of luggage they need to carry in order to make their journey easier, but while this can lead to a lighter load, it can also lead to a lack of supplies, which can cause problems and inconvenience beyond the load. What is the best way to have a happy trip? By taking the Airwheel Smart Luggage with you.

What is Airwheel Smart Luggage?

Airwheel smart suitcase

-Riding speed up to 13km/h, no running anymore.

As a smart luggage, Airwheel luggage is equipped with powerful motor wheels, so it can be used not only for towing but also for riding, and the riding speed can reach up to 13km/h, which is more energy-saving and efficient than walking. With it, whether you are pressed for time to catch up with your schedule or moving around inside large places such as airports and stations, you no longer need to run around with your suitcase in your breath to get away from the hustle and bustle of your journey, and you can get out for travel in a more relaxed and comfortable way by riding on it.

-Smart App, one key to follow.

In addition to the corresponding smart bracelet, the Airwheel SR5 Smart Follow Luggage also has a smart APP developed specifically for it, which can be used to achieve more intelligent operations and enhance the journey experience. Simply download and install the Smart App on your mobile phone and you can check its speed, running time, mileage, remaining battery, etc., or use it to adjust speed gears. In addition to the high speed gear, which can follow at speeds of up to 6km/h, it can also be adjusted to a lower speed gear to ensure safer following. In addition, it is possible to activate the "Smart Find" mode. Once switched on, the suitcase will automatically beep to alert the owner and prevent the loss of belongings.


-Sturdy luggage body for safe riding and storage.

Long rides require the luggage to be strong. If this is not the case, and the luggage is deformed or crushed during the ride, it will be very bad and uncomfortable. The suitcase shell is made of ABS+PC, which is tough and strong, scratch-proof, waterproof and wear-resistant. The suitcase frame is made of 6-series high grade aluminium alloy in a unique patented design, with a maximum load capacity of 110kg.

-Modular battery for unhindered boarding.

As an emerging smart luggage equipment, there is also a lot of concern about whether it can travel normally on planes and high speed trains. In order to ensure that boarding can pass smoothly and will not be delayed at critical moments, the lithium batteries of Airwheel smart luggage are modular and detachable, and arranged at the rear of the suitcase. It can be removed without the use of any tools and then passed through the security check. The size of the suitcase follows the international standard of 20" boarding suitcases, with the exception of the SE3T which is 24" and does not need to be checked in, and it can be carried directly into the cabin. The suitcase is locked with a TSA customs code lock, which prevents violent dismantling and ensures a smooth journey.

-USB charging port, no worry about the power of your electronic devices.

charging-by-airwheel luggage

To have a good time on your trip, you need to be well prepared. In addition to piles of luggage, for modern people who have long been used to having their mobile phones and other electronic devices with them, power needs to be well prepared. The Airwheel smart luggage is specially designed with a USB charging port, which can be transformed into a mobile rechargeable battery at any time according to the user's needs, ensuring that all kinds of accompanying devices can be fully charged, making the journey worry-free.

From the functions to the details, Airwheel smart luggage is meticulous and thoughtful enough, with its company, it is difficult not to have a happy journey.

Why are more and more people choosing Airwheel smart luggage?

First of all, it's the convenience that's hard to resist.

Unlike ordinary luggage, Airwheel smart luggage is not only "towable", but also "rideable" or "auto-follow". It can be ridden directly by people on the go and is effortlessly powered by electricity, making up for the lack of suitable transport at airports and stations. In addition, the auto-follow suitcase frees up your hands so that you don't have to lug a heavy suitcase around, as it will follow you wherever you go. This not only reduces the weight of your luggage on the road, but also makes your journey easier and more efficient.


The "riding" function not only brings convenience to the journey, but also ensures that it is simple to use, making it easy for young and old alike to get started. Most of the smart ride handles on the Airwheel Smart Riding Luggage are simple to use. You can rely on the right handlebar to accelerate, the left handlebar to brake, and both sides of the handlebar to reverse. It's easy to master these items and you can ride flexibly.

Secondly, Airwheel digs deeper into the pain points of the actual use scenario and introduces more diversified product options for different users' different needs.

There is the Airwheel SE3miniT, a smart boardable riding suitcase for users who are used to travelling by air.

For safety reasons, all major airlines have corresponding regulations for the passage of devices with built-in power supply, which can only be satisfied if they can pass smoothly, and the smart riding suitcase is naturally no exception. The Airwheel SE3miniT meets international standards for 20" boarding suitcases, while the lithium battery has a capacity of 73.26WH and is modular and removable. Before boarding the plane to go through security, it simply needs to be quickly removed and can be passed smoothly and carried on board. As it is a plug and play construction, it can be removed without the use of any other auxiliary tools at all.

riding on airwheel se3minit

There is also a large-capacity suitcase suitable for studying and working away from home, the Airwheel SE3T smart riding check-in suitcase.

It has a volume of 520 x 270 x 605mm, much larger than a 20" boarding suitcase, and therefore has a large capacity of 48L, which can be used to meet the user's storage needs during the journey. The interior of the suitcase is divided into functional sections, allowing for organized storage and easy access, and the side-opening lid makes it easy to access items on the go.

ride on Airwheel se3t

To fully protect the luggage inside the case, the Airwheel SE3T smart riding suitcase uses a patented aluminium alloy frame, made of 6 series high grade aluminium alloy and applying one-piece moulding technology, which can carry up to 110kg, so you can ride with confidence. And, as long as the weight is within range, the larger size of the Airwheel SE3T can also be used for two-person rides, making it ideal for taking children on trips.

There is even the Airwheel SR5 Smart Follow Luggage, developed specifically to free up your hands.

The Airwheel SR5 smart follow luggage is a luggage option that allows users to experience travelling light. It is equipped with a UWB high-precision positioning module. Users only need to wear the smart bracelet, turn on the following mode, and the motor wheel at the bottom of the suitcase will automatically be lowered to drive the suitcase to follow behind the user intelligently. During the following process, the ultrasonic and infrared sensors in the box can automatically determine the obstacles in the surrounding environment, timely amend the following path and implement suitable avoidance and bypass solutions to avoid collisions.

airwheel sr5

For safety reasons, the Airwheel SR5 smart follow luggage also has a safety distance set, it will monitor the distance between the user in real time, once found more than 3 metres, the user wears a smart bracelet will send out a vibration warning, timely alert attention.

Of course, even children have their own cute Smart Kids Suitcase, the Airwheel SQ3.

Built specifically for children, it has a smaller box shape and the preferred woof shape for kids, and the ride speed is limited to 5km/h to ensure safe driving. The kids can easily catch up with the parents by riding the Airwheel SQ3 smart riding suitcase, thus solving the problem of making the journey too hard for the parents because they are too tired to walking with a kid in their arms.

airwheel sq3

In addition to the powerful mobility function, the interior of the Airwheel SQ3 smart kids suitcase is also equipped with a high quality speaker that supports TF card and Bluetooth connection, which can be used to play children's songs, e-books and language teaching during the journey, giving the kids more activity options and making the journey more interesting.

At the end of reading, do you want to join the team of travelling on the Airwheel Smart Luggage?

Choose Airwheel smart luggage, intelligence makes your travelling more enjoyable!

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