What is smart luggage that follow you?

The so-called smart following luggage means that there is no need to pull it by hand, the suitcase will automatically follow you closely behind. It walks when you walk, it stops when you stop, and it will follow you at a faster pace when you speed up, just like walking a dog. It can completely free your hands, and even if you are travelling alone, you can easily get on high speed trains and planes, saving time and effort, and it is also smart and anti-theft.

 Airwheel SR5

The reason why the smart luggage has this function is because of the camera detector and motor drive inside the luggage. If you want to buy smart luggage, I think you can refer to these points:

  • Detection Performance: For that kind of smart luggage, the reason why it can follow accurately is because of the accurate detection identification of the camera detector. If the detection performance is not good, then the luggage will be easy to lose track, thus affecting the experience of using it.
  • Brand: Although many brands on the market are researching and developing smart following luggage, but the differences in technology are still relatively large, so the quality will also have a large gap. In the purchase, it must be recognized brand reputation, so as to avoid losses.
  • Material: Smart luggage material is particularly important, because the material will affect the quality of the luggage. Some materials are particularly sturdy but lacking in toughness, so it is particularly easy to fall and break.

When it comes to smart luggage that follow you, I have to recommend Airwheel SR5 to you. The reasons for the recommendation are as follows:

The quality is excellent, the detection and recognition ability is precise, and basically it will not be lost.

Airwheel sr5-Precise positioning

    UWB high precision positioning system is the core black technology of Airwheel SR5 smart following luggage to achieve the function of "automatic following". When the user wears the smart bracelet, it can lock the user's coordinate information in real time and feed back to the intelligent centre, which drives the motor wheel at the bottom of the suitcase to follow. The following speed is between 2km/h and 6km/h, which is similar to the walking speed of ordinary people. In addition, Airwheel SR5 flexibly adjusts the current following speed according to the distance between it and the user to avoid being too close or too far away.

    The Airwheel SR5 smart following luggage uses UWB military radio positioning following technology, with a customised micro UWB base station placed in the suitcase, transmitting signals for real-time interaction and faster refreshing of positioning data, together with the matching bracelet. It can quickly distinguish the owner and follow closely within a safe distance, very flexible and smooth. What's even cooler is the configuration of the ultrasonic obstacle avoidance system that can detect the direction and distance of obstacles and dynamically plan the path to intelligently detect and avoid obstacles, which makes it very smart.

    The range is particularly strong, the battery capacity is large and the material is very sturdy.

    Airwheel SR5 chargering

      The built-in battery of the Airwheel SR5 is a 62.6WH lithium battery with a modular and detachable design, which is designed for trouble-free passage through airline security. As the battery needs to be switched off or removed during airline security checks, the user can just simply opens the side opening lid and removes the battery from the pouch on the inside of the lid, a convenient operation that requires no additional tools and does not disrupt the luggage.

      This smart suitcase also has a USB charging port on the outside, which can be used for charging mobile phones, tablets and bluetooth headsets, which is a good solution to the problem of charging during travel.

      Exquisite appearance, suitable capacity, portable and boardable.

      sr5 large capacity

        The Airwheel SR5 luggage is made from a combination of ABS and PC materials for added strength and increased resistance to compression. This robust construction ensures that your belongings are well protected during travel and reduces the likelihood of damage from impact or rough handling. With a size of 381 x 246 x 533mm, the case meets the specifications of a 20" boarding case and can be carried directly on board. The case also comes with its own cool lights, which not only enhance the aesthetics, but also ensure safe travel in dim light conditions. With 30L of storage space inside, the case can be used for a week's worth of travel. With a weight of 6kg, the case is not overly bulky compared to conventional luggage. The case also retains a trolley bar for towing, which can be adjusted in three positions to meet the needs of different situations.

        Dual smart anti-loss alerts with mobile APP and bracelet.

        sr5 Bracelet and mobile app

        Equipped with a smart bracelet with anti-theft or loss alarm function. This auto follow luggage will automatically adjust its own following speed according to the speed of the owner's travel, but when the luggage and the owner exceed the safe distance of 3 metres, the bracelet will sound an alarm and vibrate to remind. To facilitate the use, Airwheel Smart Technology has developed a special APP for Airwheel SR5, which can support Android and IOS systems. Once installed on the mobile phone and connected via bluetooth, it can check the remaining battery and mileage of the luggage and perform preliminary fault detection for the Airwheel SR5. When following the luggage box detects that it is more than 3m away from the user, it will activate the over-distance alarm mode and alert the user with a vibrating warning via the mobile phone terminal APP.

        Adopting TSA combination lock and fingerprint lock for easy customs inspection.

        sr5 TSA combination lock

        The combination lock on the Airwheel SR5 uses a TSA combination lock certified by the US Department of Transportation. When it comes to customs inspection, there is no need to worry about your luggage being violently unpacked and inspected. In addition, it can be unlocked using fingerprints. The fingerprint takes only 2 seconds from input to opening the suitcase and can store up to 5 fingerprint messages, so there is  no problem for the whole family to use it. You don't have to worry about personal privacy either, as this fingerprint unlock uses a live fingerprint chip and all the data in the case is used independently and stored encrypted.

        If you are thirsty for a smarter, more effortless journey, then choosing the Airwheel SR5 Smart Auto Follow Luggage will surely bring you a completely different and convenient experience.

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