Comparison of different models of Airwheel smart riding suitcases

What is Airwheel SE3S?

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With more and more celebrities, athletes and other public figures, the daily images of riding the smart riding luggage Airwheel SE3S are being recorded on camera. More and more people are beginning to know that the original luggage can be used for storage as well as cycling for mobility.

If there is one phrase to describe the essence of a smart suitcase like the Airwheel SE3S, it must be "the main need for a journey".

Because it needs to be easier to travel, it makes it possible to ride.

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It is equipped with powerful motor wheels, intelligent riding handles and a retractable switch that automatically switches the suitcase into riding mode, helping the user to move around. When the luggage has such an additional riding option, even if the airport or high-speed railway station is big, it can easily and efficiently cope with the needs of ticket checking and formalities, making the journey less frenetic and more pleasant.

Riding speeds of up to 13km/h are faster compared to regular walking speeds, meaning that the Airwheel SE3S Smart Ride Suitcase makes journeys more effortless and efficient at the same time, saving more time for play and relaxation.

The ability to charge your phone because you need it to be charged at all times during the journey.

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The Airwheel SE3S smart cycling suitcase also has an expanded design with dual USB charging ports on the outside of the suitcase. When the battery level of mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets and other electronic devices is low, you can connect the cable directly to the Airwheel SE3S and recharge it via the suitcase.

Because you need to travel on a flight, you can board it.

Currently, Chinese civil aviation requires that portable electronic devices containing lithium or lithium-ion battery cells or batteries for personal use by passengers or crew members should be carried on board as hand luggage and that the lithium content of lithium metal batteries should not exceed 2 grams and the rated quantity value of lithium-ion batteries should not exceed 100 WH before they can be carried on board.

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The lithium battery capacity of the Airwheel SE3S smart riding suitcase is 73.26WH and the modular design allows for direct disassembly and disconnection without tools, allowing for smooth passage through security checks. The size of the case is also in line with international standards for 20" boarding cases, so it can be carried on board without the need to check in.

The suitcase is locked with the international TSA customs code lock, which prevents violent opening and loss of belongings.

It is sturdy enough because it is needed for every journey.

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The suitcase shell of the Airwheel SE3S smart riding suitcase is made of German imported PC laminate + Taiwan Chimei ABS, which is strong, tough and scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, waterproof, not easily deformed and easy to clean.

The suitcase is reinforced with a patented frame, made of 6 series high grade aluminium alloy, applying uni-body technology, which can fully support the structure of the suitcase and carry up to 110kg.

For users of regular weight, it can be ridden and stored with confidence.

It can be said that every design of the Airwheel SE3S intelligent riding suitcase is designed to meet the actual needs of the user when travelling, giving a very good intelligent travel solution.

What is Airwheel SE3T?

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When you're travelling abroad or working across town, you need to find the right luggage to meet your needs. Now, we're going to give you the 24-inch, bike-friendly Airwheel SE3T smart luggage as an option.

Riding for transportation

Ordinary luggage is carried mainly by means of a towing bar and universal wheels at the bottom of the suitcase, which is easier than lifting or carrying the suitcase directly, but will still bring fatigue over time.

 comparison of the smart riding suitcase 9

The Airwheel SE3T is equipped with a powerful 5.5" motor wheel that can carry you at a speed of 13km/h with minimal effort and efficiency, powered by electricity. This makes it particularly easy to move quickly from the station entrance to the ticket gate, on long platforms or in hotels and other places.

And it's not difficult to operate, so you don't need much time or effort to learn how to use it straight away. Its smart riding handle is designed with only left and right hand turnbuckles, with acceleration on the right and braking on the left, and can be operated in reverse at the same time.

Large capacity

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The Airwheel SE3T smart luggage is not only fast and efficient enough, but also has a large capacity to cope with week-long journeys. As a 24" suitcase, it measures 520mm x 270mm x 605mm and has 48L of internal storage space, allowing you to fit enough clothes, shoes, hairdryer, laptop, documents and other items.

In addition, the interior of the luggage is divided into functional areas with different capacity pockets, which can be used to sort and store luggage in the luggage compartment in an organized manner, making it easy to access and store at a glance.


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Have you ever been on a trip where your mobile phone, Bluetooth headset or other electronic device is running low on battery? In order to make charging on the go simple and easy enough to meet, the Airwheel SE3T smart riding suitcase is designed with a USB charging port on the outside of the case, which can be directly charged by connecting the data cable, making it easy and practical to charge while riding.

Upgradeable range

Because it is powered by electricity, range is also an important parameter. With a battery capacity of 73.26WH, the Airwheel SE3T has a theoretical range of 8-10km in normal use, which is basically enough for a day's journey. Of course, if you are looking for a higher range, it can also satisfy you.

The lithium battery is modular, located on the side of the suitcase and connected by a plug-in structure, so it can be removed and installed at any time without tools, making it very easy to operate. Elway offers a separate lithium battery as an option, so you can easily double the range by simply purchasing an additional lithium battery, without any technical difficulties.

What is Airwheel SE3miniT?

 comparison of smart riding suitcase 11

With the arrival of summer, going on a trip has become a must-have plan for many people! How to enjoy a pleasant and free time on a spring journey has become an important topic that requires a foolproof plan.

In addition to destinations and route planning, luggage is an important piece of equipment that can't be avoided when travelling, and for those who are used to taking flights, this core piece of equipment is a boarding suitcase that can come with you.

Whereas once a good suitcase was used to store all the luggage needed for the journey, and was strong enough to be durable and light enough to carry. Nowadays, with technological innovations, it can even be used for riding!

Now, here is a new technological option that is different from traditional luggage - the Airwheel SE3miniT smart riding suitcase.

Riding for transportation

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The biggest difference from traditional luggage is the way it can be carried - in addition to trolley towing it can also be used for riding for mobility. The bottom of the suitcase is not equipped with the universal wheels of a traditional suitcase, but with powerful motor wheels and a sensible drive structure, which makes riding simple and easy to handle.

All you need to do is pull out the smart ride bar and you can get on and go, riding at speeds of up to 13km/h, which is faster and more energy efficient than walking. With it, you no longer have to worry about walking until your legs hurt when faced with a large airport, station or hotel.

Sturdy luggage

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The SE3miniT has a patented frame design that allows it to carry up to 110 kg. It is made from aircraft-grade high-strength aluminium alloy and uses one-piece moulding technology to create the frame, while dozens of high-strength rivets are reinforced between the frame and the suitcase to ensure that it stays put.

When using the suitcase, you can store all kinds of items in the luggage compartment without worrying about crushing or damage during long rides.

Suitable for storage

When it comes to storage, the Airwheel SE3miniT has 26L of internal storage space, which is more than enough for a week's worth of travel. Not only does it have sufficient capacity, it is also designed with a reasonable number of functional zones, with different sized storage pockets for keys, rechargeable batteries and other small items, making it easy to organize and access your luggage.

Removable battery


The lithium battery, with a capacity of 73.26WH, is designed to move the suitcase and is located on the side of the suitcase, making it easy to remove and install without tools. This is designed to meet the international airline regulations for the passage of lithium batteries and related equipment, so that the lithium battery can be quickly disassembled before boarding security and then passed through.

Of course, the suitcase also meets the international standard for 20" boarding suitcases in terms of size, so there is no need to check it in, so it can be carried directly onto the plane and placed in the luggage compartment.

Charging port

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What makes spring travel easier is not only the "riding" function of the Airwheel SE3miniT, but also the "charging" function it enables. It has a USB charging port on the outside of the suitcase, so when your mobile phone, Bluetooth headset, smart bracelet and other electronic devices are running low, you can simply connect the appropriate charging cable and charge them anywhere, anytime, without affecting the pace and experience of your journey.

The core of summer travel is to maintain a leisurely pace and atmosphere, allowing the mind to relax for a short while. Wherever the destination is, the Airwheel SE3miniT is the ideal suitcase to accompany the user on a smart, relaxing and free journey.

Finally, to summarize a few key points, to teach you how to choose the above three smart cycling suitcases according to your needs.

 comparison of smart riding suitcase 16

Airwheel SE3S: carry-on boarding, 20L volume, 5.5" cycling wheels, suitable for normal road conditions, pavements, roads, etc;

Airwheel SE3miniT: carry-on boarding, 26L volume, 4" riding wheels, suitable for smooth roads, airports, stations, shopping malls, etc;

Airwheel SE3T: check-in required for boarding, 48L volume, 6" riding wheels, suitable for complex surfaces, roads, grass, etc.

Choosing the suitable Airwheel smart riding suitcase, I believe it will definitely make the journey out of more intellectual fun and freedom.

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