Brainy: can ride as an electric car, just like iron man equipment

As someone who frequently travels for business, it can be said that each business trip is a tiring journey. It involves traversing several areas such as airports, high-speed railway stations, and taxis, which are major locations during business trips.

Objectively speaking, the journey can be exhausting. Inside the suitcase, there are items like a laptop, clothes, daily necessities, and considering the size of some airports and high-speed railway stations, it can be quite tiring to navigate through them. Taking these factors into consideration, I have been interested in electric suitcases in the past, but I have been observing and haven't made a purchase yet.

In April of this year, I finally purchased the Airwheel electric suitcase. Now, let me share my experience with this innovative product!

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The Airwheel electric suitcase stands out with its unique features, especially when it comes to its appearance. Unlike regular suitcases, the Airwheel suitcase not only offers the convenience of a telescopic handle but also features an additional front-mounted telescopic handle for better maneuverability. With its dual handles and three-wheel design, it exudes a sense of style and sophistication.

Moreover, its overall aesthetics are truly impressive. The sleek silver design of the Airwheel suitcase adds a touch of elegance, while also conveying a sense of durability and reliability. Whether you're a frequent traveler or a business professional, this suitcase is designed to meet your needs and enhance your travel experience.

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I initially had concerns about the craftsmanship and usability of the Airwheel electric suitcase as a regular suitcase. However, those concerns proved to be unnecessary. The Airwheel electric suitcase showcases excellent industrial design and superior craftsmanship.

With its robust aluminum alloy frame, the suitcase can handle a weight capacity of up to 110kg, providing both strength and durability. Despite its sturdy construction, the suitcase remains lightweight, weighing only 7.5kg, making it effortless to carry during daily use.

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In addition, as a suitcase product, the Airwheel electric suitcase has a size of 20 inches. Many people may be concerned about whether it can be taken on board an airplane. The answer is definitely yes. During security checks, you simply need to remove the internal lithium battery, and it won't cause any issues whatsoever.

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In terms of appearance, the Airwheel electric suitcase left a strong impression on me. It is solidly built with high-quality materials, striking a balance between internal space, weight, and volume. Whether you're carrying it on the go or riding with it, there's no pressure or burden at all. It receives a positive rating from me!

Alright, now that we've finished reviewing the exterior design, let's talk about the nitty-gritty details of the Airwheel suitcase, shall we?

Many people must be wondering how the Airwheel suitcase is controlled while riding.

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Actually, it's very simple and doesn't require any difficult maneuvers.

On the rubberized anti-slip handle, you'll find two throttle buttons. The right button is for forward movement, and by pressing the left button followed by the right button, you can activate the reverse function. This detail is quite thoughtful as it ensures that during everyday riding, you can avoid accidentally triggering reverse (which is a less common scenario and may pose a risk due to sudden backward movement). The responsiveness is excellent, and you can start the Airwheel electric suitcase by simply pressing the buttons.

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Additionally, for easy lifting and placement, the Airwheel suitcase features a flexible and well-designed handle that allows you to effortlessly lift the Airwheel electric suitcase.

You may notice that the Airwheel electric suitcase doesn't have a seat. However, objectively speaking, sitting on it doesn't feel uncomfortable at all. The framework on top is well-designed, and the seating area feels relatively soft.

The retractable handle on the back is completely concealed, and it provides smooth and seamless pulling. The multiple rivets add a rugged and sturdy appearance to the Airwheel electric suitcase. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is truly impressive and professional.

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In the middle section of the suitcase, there is a black horizontal strip area with the Airwheel logo in English. It also serves as an LED breathing light, which adds a touch of elegance to the overall design.

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The Airwheel suitcase comes with an international TSA lock, which is a valuable feature for travelers going abroad. This lock helps prevent forced opening of the suitcase and allows customs officials to inspect the contents using a TSA key during international clearance if necessary.

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As an electric suitcase, the Airwheel suitcase features three solid, non-inflatable wheels. This design has its pros and cons:

Pros: The solid wheels eliminate the risk of tire punctures, making them more durable and reliable. There's no need for the hassle of inflating the wheels.

Cons: The lack of air-filled tires may result in slightly reduced shock absorption, causing a slightly bumpier ride on uneven surfaces.

However, in my opinion, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, as durability is prioritized.

Being equipped with an internal lithium battery, the Airwheel suitcase also features an external USB port, which is a thoughtful design. This USB port allows you to charge your phone or tablet on the go, providing a 5W power output.

Next to the USB charging port, there is a red power button. You can use this button to turn off the power when towing or storing the suitcase for daily use.

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The built-in lithium battery of the Airwheel electric suitcase is like a larger version of a power bank. It can be charged using the official power adapter, and it takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge. Once the battery is fully charged, it can be placed in a designated pocket and connected to the power cable, which is very straightforward.

Regarding the internal capacity of the Airwheel electric suitcase, it offers a spacious 26 liters of volume. This generous capacity allows for the storage of numerous items. In my case, I was able to effortlessly fit in a large quantity of products.

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Indeed, the Airwheel side-opening suitcase offers exceptional convenience in terms of usability, and it provides ample space for storing numerous products, making it suitable for everyday use.

Furthermore, one notable feature is the absence of visible wires both externally and internally, which is highly commendable. This design element adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the suitcase.

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Overall, as a combination of a suitcase and an electric scooter, the Airwheel electric suitcase impresses me with its seamless integration of both functionalities. It doesn't simply merge the two, but rather emphasizes the distinct characteristics and convenience of a suitcase while incorporating various technological elements in a practical and unpretentious manner.

Now, let's discuss the experience of using the Airwheel electric suitcase for daily rides.

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In fact, the Airwheel suitcase is specifically designed for riding at places like train stations and airports, aiming to provide a less exhausting experience even when you have a fully loaded suitcase. When it comes to riding, the first thing you'll notice is its stability. The sturdy wheels ensure excellent balance, allowing for a smooth and stable ride, similar to an electric scooter.

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Furthermore, the steering is responsive and agile. Not only adults but even children can quickly learn how to move forward, brake, and reverse with ease. The functionality is designed to be simple and practical, making it accessible for riders of all ages.

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Lastly, let's talk about speed.

In reality, the speed is influenced by various factors such as the rider's weight, the amount of items inside the luggage, and the condition of the road surface. The official speed is 13 km/h, and I personally felt that my son was riding at a fairly fast speed. As for myself, considering my weight, I had to go a bit slower. However, I believe that the speed is sufficient for most situations.

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It feels incredibly smooth and seamless, comparable to an electric bicycle.

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Reversing is also very quick and easy, without any difficulty, and it's remarkably stable. As for the battery life, the test data shows 9.2 kilometers. However, I believe it's difficult to draw a definitive conclusion as it is highly dependent on the environment. Nevertheless, this data can still be used as a reference, and it's quite impressive. There's no need to worry about battery life for daily travel, especially considering the fast charging speed.

Overall, I think the Airwheel electric suitcase excels in its appearance, riding experience, and external craftsmanship. However, there are some shortcomings that were not captured in the footage. When I opened the lining, I noticed that there were many exposed wires and cables fixed with tape, possibly for easy troubleshooting and maintenance. But I believe it would be better if there were dedicated compartments to conceal the internal wiring more effectively.

Every product has its flaws, but I believe the Airwheel electric suitcase is an excellent product and worth having!


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