Tips for vacay luggage selection

Packing is the most dreaded part of every trip, it's a horrible thing to do, we even can't wait to pack everything away! But if you have a proper trolley case, you can pack your clothes, trousers, shoes, toiletries and so on. That way your clothes won't get wrinkled and you'll look great for photos!

Now some tips on how to pick your vacay luggage are as follow.

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How to choose a suitcase?

Whether it's a hard or soft suitcase, the body of the suitcase must be very neat.

The first thing to look at is whether the corners of the case are symmetrical and the surface is flat. You can place the case upright or upside down on the ground and check whether the case is on all fours. Also look at the surface of the suitcase to see if there are any scratches, cracks, if it is a soft suitcase, pay more attention to see the stitching of the textile fabric, good workmanship but even a thread will not be exposed.

The fabric on the surface of the case is best sealed, rainproof and waterproof, and the surface material is a little more granular, so that the surface is easier to wear.

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How to choose a zip?

The zipper is small but very important, if it breaks down, the whole luggage will burst.

When choosing a suitcase, pay attention to the workmanship of the zip, it must look delicate and not easily bend under external forces.

At the same time to test the feel when pulling, each time the zip tug to feel a sense of fluidity, smooth sound small, bite to tight, repeatedly pull on a few times, you can basically judge out.

TIPS: About explosion-proof zips

When a suitcase is full of items, the zip will often be in a tight state. If the zip is not of high quality, it will "burst". In order to avoid bursting, Airwheel luggage is usually reinforced with a double layer of chain teeth to improve the bite.

When buying a product, in addition to asking if it has an explosion-proof design, you can also use a sharp object to scratch against the zip, if it is an explosion-proof zip, the suitcase will not be cut open and the contents will be well protected.

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How to choose the trolley?

Luggage trolleys are now generally built-in, so that structural stability will be stronger, external trolleys will be inconvenient when loaded, and very easy to damage, basically has been eliminated by the mainstream of the times.

Where possible, we also pull the inner lining to observe the colour of the inner tube, if it is black, it is probably iron. If it is white, it is likely to be an aluminium tube. Our choice tends to be steel, which has such a puller to stand up to all kinds of pressure and hold up to all kinds of scenes.

When testing the trolley bar, be sure to test the locking button a few more times, it should stretch freely when pressed and have a very lubricated sense of fluidity. After the trolley bar is extended, test the stability, many airports and railway stations have an architectural structure full of stair steps, going up and down requires a high level of balance for the operation of the trolley bar, this must be judged with care.

TIPS: Luggage retractable enclosure

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In the interior design of a suitcase, the presence of a retractable enclosure is very important to the user, even though you may never unfold it for the rest of your life. But should your luggage ever become full, you'll be glad you have a retractable enclosure - it's always a good idea to be prepared.

How to choose the luggage wheels?

The wheels are the most consumed part of your luggage and must be of the highest quality. When choosing a suitcase you must pull it more than once, a good wheel will have very little sound, the less the better.

In addition to sound, the size of the diameter of the wheels is also crucial. If your luggage has large diameter wheels, it will certainly save you a lot of effort, and the large diameter wheels should be more resistant to the test of time and wear.

It is worth mentioning that the wheels of trolley cases nowadays often have two wheel settings for directional wheels or four wheels for universal wheels.

How to choose a luggage lock?


After all, vacay luggage are still relatively private items, and confidentiality and security are still very important.

When testing a suitcase locks, it is sufficient to combine several sets of numbers at random for the test. The main thing to look at here is the accuracy of the positioning of the number wheel, for example, your code is 277, if the positioning is not correct at 287 this position can open, will bring you a lot of trouble to go out of life. So make sure the positioning of the lock is accurate and that you are familiar with the code you set.

TIPS: TSA locks

It's important to note that many businesses will emphasize that their products come with a TSA lock, which stands for Transportation Security Administration.

Since January 2003, the TSA has mandated that all luggage entering US airports must be opened for inspection, and the TSA has issued a warning that unless a TSA certified lock is used, checked luggage must either not be locked or customs will have the right to pick the lock of the checked luggage.

Luggage with a TSA lock can be opened directly by customs staff and you will have a key to it yourself.If you don't have a lock, you will have no recourse if your luggage is "forced". If you travel to the USA a lot, consider buying a product with a TSA lock, such as an Airwheel suitcase.

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It's always the details that count! The interior of the suitcase is just as important.

We don't just look at the outside when buying a suitcase, a great interior can make your suitcase more versatile. If you have a suitcase that normally needs to hold something like a suitcase or a notebook. Look out for compartments specifically designed for this purpose. In the case of suits, for example, a dedicated suit compartment will make it easier to carry your suit and keep it as flat as possible.

In the design of the inner compartment, it is not recommended that you choose one that uses a large number of zips, as this design can easily cause damage to the zip connection during the consignment process if the suitcase is not full, so it is recommended that you choose more of the socket type.

Of course the fabric of the inner chamber is also very important, strong and wear-resistant material is your first choice, do not let your suitcase golden.

The details of the anti-scratch design

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Some vacay luggage is designed with thicker or harder materials at each corner of the luggage to protect your luggage from knocks. Similarly, there will be some additional padding on the surface of the luggage to separate the luggage from direct contact with the ground and prevent it from being scratched.

If you have high requirements for the life of your suitcase, you can focus on the anti-scratch design when selecting a product.

There is also a user-friendly handle, which is good when used. There are two key places, the first is whether the side of the suitcase also with a handle. Many friends bought the suitcase only above the handle, this will be particularly inconvenient in the subsequent use. (If it is a small 20" suitcase, a handle is more than enough.)

The second thing to look at is whether the handle is firmly attached to the suitcase, and whether the material is reliable.

When you have learned these tips, you can't go wrong with any kind of vacay luggage.

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