Test about the smart auto follow luggage-Airwheel SR5

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 1

When using such a smart following luggage on a journey, you basically don't need to carry and drag the heavy luggage with your hands, because it is equipped with UWB high precision positioning system, as long as you wear the smart bracelet and turn on the following mode, this luggage can automatically follow behind you. Today, let's test this smart luggage Airwheel SR5.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 1

Without further ado, the box is opening fast!

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 2

The outer carton is opened and all the accessories for the Airwheel SR5 are fixed in place, namely:

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 3

Instruction manual for SR5

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 4

Battery pack

Press the button on the battery pack to check the remaining charge.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 5

Battery charging cable

Charge your SR5 just with this.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 6

Smart bracelet

Wear it on your wrist, switch on the power, and turn on the following mode, the SR5 will follow you.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 7

Smart bracelet storage bag and its charging cable

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 8

After looking at the accessories, the next step is to take out the luggage Airwheel SR5 and look at it in 360° without any dead angle.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 9

The certificate of Airwheel auto following luggage-SR5 is showed.

The SR5 suitcase is made of PC+ABS and measures 381 x 246 x 533mm. It is available in silver, in addition to the black colour out of the box.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 10

Besides the nameplate of "Airwheel", there are also QR codes on the box (the download links of Airwheel official website and Airwheel SR5 special APP respectively), as well as the four functions of auto following, APP remote control, intelligent obstacle avoidance and anti-loss reminder.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 11

The lock of SR5 suitcase is a TSA combination lock, which allows for hassle-free passage through international customs and is not afraid of violent unpacking.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 12

Although the SR5 can be powered by electricity and follow behind the user on its own, it still retains the normal luggage tow bar for when you forget to charge it or have other needs.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 13

The three solid black modules on the side are not ordinary decorative objects.

Where the square module, a UWB positioning system, is mainly used to locate the position of the bracelet and ensure accurate following. The two round modules, which are ultrasonic detectors, can detect obstacles in the environment and avoid them in time to avoid collisions.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 14

The four universal wheels allow for flexible movement and are very quiet without any noises.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 15

The two motor wheels, located in the middle, are not for following. It is folded in the box recess, which effectively avoids collisions and reduces wear.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 16

After looking at the outside of the SR5, let's take a look at the inside.

The SR5 outer lid opens to reveal an additional inner lid, while the outer space is designed with a variety of different sized storage pockets, which can be used to store folders, notebooks, rechargeable batteries and other items that need to be removed temporarily during the trip. This avoids the hassle of rummaging around and eliminates the need to worry about personal items such as clothing being exposed.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 17

The lid opens at an angle of around 45° to the body, making it safe and convenient to open the suitcase outdoors.

The SR5 suitcase can be fully opened before departure or when you arrive at your place of residence, and then your suitcase can be organized.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 18

Compared to other 20 inches suitcases, the storage space of SR5 is not too small, and it can be used for short business trips and travel with no stress at all about packing your luggage.

After learning about the inside and outside of the SR5 at rest, let's get it moving.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 19

First, install the battery pack for the SR5 in the position shown, simply by connecting the designated wiring on the case and securing it in place.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 20

The side connector of the battery pack is shown in the picture, the round connector is used to connect the case connection cable for the normal operation of the suitcase.

The USB port, which can be used to charge electronic devices such as mobile phones.

The micro USB port in the middle connects to the battery pack charging cable and allows the battery pack to be replenished in time.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 21

With the battery pack installed, next press the power switch button on the suitcase.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 23

Put on your smart bracelet, power it on and turn on the following mode.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 24

At this point, if you look down at the bottom of the SR5 suitcase, you will see the motor wheel drop down automatically.

Unboxing Test of Airwheel SR5 25

Once you have done this, you can walk it everywhere, without worrying about losing it or it bumping into indoor furniture, doorposts and stairs, or outdoor plants and flowers.

Unpacking is complete. The Airwheel SR5 is a smart luggage that brings a new experience to the user, both in terms of convenience and safety, and is worth buying for frequent business and travels.

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