To the journey to bring a new experience of Airwheel intelligent luggage, in the end what kind?

Smart luggage, about this product, have you heard of it?

It is luggage, but different from the traditional luggage, it combines the power of the current cutting-edge technology, so that the journey can be opened in an intelligent way, so that users get a new journey experience.

If you want to know what kind of existence it is, you may want to look at the following intelligent luggage launched by Airwheel.

Airwheel SE3miniT Smart Luggage

It is a smart luggage item that can solve the tiredness of the journey, can help users solve the "last mile" of the journey, less walking, more energy! It is equipped with powerful motor wheels and designed with a simple intelligent riding handle, just pull out the handle, you can ride on the luggage for walking, the speed can reach 9km/h, the whole electric power drive, both energy-saving and efficient. You can ride it through various suitable places such as high-speed railway stations, airports and hotels.

In order to meet boarding specifications when taking flights, Airwheel SE3miniT smart ride luggage also adopts a special modular battery design with a capacity of 73.26WH, so you can quickly dismantle the battery without using tools before security check and thus pass smoothly.

Airwheel SR5 smart follow suitcase

For tourists, it is difficult to get rid of the restrictions of the suitcase during the journey, always need to free at least one hand to dragging, carrying their own luggage, the freedom is greatly reduced. Airwheel SR5 is to solve this problem is born of intelligent follow the box. It is equipped with UWB high-precision positioning module, users only need to wear a special smart bracelet, open the follow mode, the luggage will automatically follow the master, and greatly liberate the hands, you can answer the phone, reply to information, take pictures, screw bottle caps and so on.

The interior of the case is also equipped with ultrasonic, infrared and other sensor modules, when the user is in a complex journey environment, Airwheel SR5 intelligent follow the case can always monitor the obstacles in the surrounding environment, so as to drive the motor wheel at the bottom of the case, follow the intelligent central calculation of the obstacle avoidance program, timely deceleration around obstacles to avoid collisions, the use of no worries.

Airwheel SL3C Light Smart Luggage

Airwheel SL3C light intelligent luggage is a more suitable for fashionable people with the journey of the single product. It not only has five colors of the luggage body shell: Firestone Black, Brushed Silver, Nebula White, Desert Rose Pink and Glacier Blue, but also the Ranger Light and Dazzling Ambient Light on the luggage body can be set through the exclusive APP, with as many as 8 colors and 3 special effects to choose from, allowing users to match a cooler color scheme according to the environment they are in and the clothes they are wearing, fully expressing their personality.

In addition, it also realized that there is intelligent unlocking and intelligent search function. The former solves the traditional box lock once you forget the password will be difficult to open the trouble, only need to touch the phone NFC or Bluetooth connection, it can be easily unlocked. The latter, once started, the box will beep, reminding users of the first time to find themselves, making the journey more convenient.

Now, do you have a more comprehensive understanding of smart luggage?

Can ride, can also smart follow, or have a hundred different colors, depending on which category you are more inclined to!

Choose Airwheel, choose the intelligent journey of freedom, freedom!

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