The top 2 smart luggage: Airwheel VS Modobag

The top 2 smart luggage: Airwheel VS Modobag 

Smart rideable luggage is an innovative technology for the modern traveller. They combine the design of a suitcase and a scooter, enabling the user to quickly switch between luggage and a mobility tool. Airwheel and Modobag are two of the most popular brands in the ride-on luggage market. In this article, we will delve into the comparison between Airwheel luggage and Modobag luggage.

Design of the smart luggage

The design of Airwheel luggage is ideal for travelers. It has an all-in-one design, with the luggage and scooter chassis perfectly integrated. This means that users can quickly switch modes from luggage to scooter when needed. While in luggage mode, Airwheel's design focuses on comfort and practicality, and the luggage is spacious enough to accommodate various travel essentials. Airwheel suitcase design is ideal for short distance travelers in urban environments.

Modobag luggage, on the other hand, adopts a traditional luggage design with a stand that quickly converts into a scooter chassis that supports the weight of the human body. Although its design style is more traditional than Airwheel redeable luggage, this means that users do not have to purchase another scooter to get around. In addition, the Modobag suitcase compartment is removable, making it easier to store and transport.

Performance of the luggage scooter

Airwheel smart rideable luggage is equipped with a high-performance electric motor and can reach a maximum speed of 15 km/h. The maximum range can reach 20km, which is a very outstanding performance. Not only that, Airwheel intelligent rideable luggage has a function called intelligent control system, which can be controlled and adjusted via mobile phone and smart watch app, making it more convenient to use.

The maximum speed of Modobag luggage is 13km/h, while the maximum range is 13km. Although Modobag's performance is not as good as Airwheel, this is also because it focuses more on comfort and stability. Modobag's chassis is made of aluminium alloy, which has a higher weight-bearing capacity and provides a more comfortable seat.

Overall, Modobag scooter luggage is more focused on ride comfort, but Airwheel electric suitcase is more superior in terms of performance.

Functionality of the riding suitcase

Airwheel riding suitcase is equipped with many advanced functions, such as intelligent control system and guards. These functions can be adjusted and controlled through the mobile app, making it more convenient to use. Airwheel's intelligent control system can control the speed and sensitivity of the luggage, allowing you to drive more safely. In addition, Airwheel luggage has equipped the intelligent rideable luggage with some protective devices, such as side lights and reflective strips on the footrests, which can improve the safety of users.

Modobag suitcase, on the other hand, is equipped with a detachable charger that can provide charging for devices such as mobile phones and tablets. In addition, Modobag electric luggage scooter is equipped with a portable remote control that allows users to control their luggage easily.

In a word, Airwheel luggage is better in terms of intelligent control system, while Modobag luggage focuses on the functional expansion of the luggage.

Price comparison between Airwheel and Modobag

The price of Airwheel smart luggage is relatively low. The price of one Airwheel ride suitcase is around US$500, which makes it the first choice for users with limited budget, while the price of Modobag is a bit more expensive, usually above US$1000, but it has relatively more functions. (A Discount Code for Airwheelshop--AirwheelShop)


To sum up, Airwheel and Modobag are both excellent brands of smart rideable luggage. Airwheel luggage has an obvious advantage in terms of performance and price, while Modobag luggage has an advantage in terms of function and brand recognition. Users can choose the suitbale electric suitcase brand for themselves according to their needs and budget.

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