Revolutionize Your Travel Experience with Airwheel SE3 Series

In today's fast-paced world, where technology seamlessly intertwines with our daily lives, there's no reason why your travel experiences should remain conventional. Enter the Airwheel SE3 Series, a game-changing innovation in the realm of smart luggage that will revolutionize the way you travel. Let's dive into the fascinating world of the Airwheel SE3 Series and explore its exceptional functions, materials, features, modes, upgrades, and the diverse range of individuals who can benefit from its remarkable capabilities.

Unveiling Airwheel SE3 Series: What Makes It Stand Out?

The Airwheel SE3 Series is not your ordinary luggage; it's a futuristic blend of cutting-edge technology and functional design. It's a smart suitcase that seamlessly integrates intelligence, style. SE3 series enhances safety, efficiency, and enjoyment throughout your journey—all within the constraints of carry-on cabin size requirements.

Unleashing the Power of Functions and Features

The Airwheel SE3 Series boasts a myriad of functions and features that set it apart from traditional luggage. With its App & manual remote control, fixed speed cruise control, anti-theft function, USB charging capabilities, and more, this series caters to the needs of the modern traveler, making your journey safer, more efficient, and ultimately more enjoyable.

Top-Quality Materials: Durability Meets Elegance

Crafted with the finest materials: ABS & PC, the Airwheel SE3 Series ensures durability, waterproofing, and elegance. Its robust construction ensures that your belongings remain secure during transit, while the sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to your travel style.

Modes and Versatility: Adapt to Every Journey

The Airwheel SE3 Series offers various modes to suit different travel scenarios. Whether you're strolling through a bustling airport, navigating crowded streets, or cruising along a scenic pathway, this smart luggage effortlessly transforms into a convenient hand-carry, a trendy scooter, or a reliable pull-behind suitcase, providing unparalleled versatility for every adventure.

Upgrades and Innovations: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Airwheel is committed to continuous improvement, constantly upgrading its SE3 Series with the latest advancements in smart technology. Discover how the most recent upgrade: SE3S 2023, further improves its performance, reliability and user experience.

Who Can Benefit from Airwheel SE3 Series?

The Airwheel SE3 Series is designed to cater to a diverse range of individuals. Whether you're a tech-savvy business traveler, an adventurous globetrotter, an actor who needs to transfer, a student on the move, or a commuter seeking a seamless travel solution, this smart luggage is tailor-made to elevate your travel experience and meet your unique needs.

Airwheel SE3 series luggage consists of four main models


Airwheel SE3

Airwheel se3 luggage is our first rideable luggage and the first luggage that is publicly available. However, with the feedback from users and technical upgrade, airwheel developed a new model: se3s, and discontinued the se3 model.

Airwheel SE3S

  • 2022

Airwheel SE3S 2022 model rideable luggage is the best-selling electric luggage in 2022, which not only achieves one-touch switching of riding mode, but also higher performance, 13km/h, maximum riding distance 10km.


  • 2023

Airwheel SE3S 2023 model electric luggage has updated the 2 solid rear wheels based on the 2022 model. It is mainly to solve the user feedback that the air attack part of the wheels will be firmly stuck by the mud.


Airwheel SE3T

Airwheel SE3T electric luggage is a smart riding check-in luggage developed for parents and children, of course two adults can also ride, only the combined weight does not exceed 242lbs (110kg). You can ride at a speed of 13km/h (8mph) for up to 10km. airwheel-shop-blog-se3minit

Airwheel SE3miniT

Airwheel SE3miniT electric luggage is a wisdom rideable luggage with hidden front wheels, its capacity is 26L, 6L more than SE3S weight is 7.5kg, 2kg lighter than SE3S. its speed and mileage is the same 13km/h, 10km.

Comparison of the se3 series luggage on sale

Model  SE3S SE3miniT SE3T
Carry-on ×

9.4 kg


7.5 kg


9 kg

(19.84 lbs)

Capacity 20 L 26 L 48 L
Dimensions 36*24*55 cm 39*25*58 cm 52*27*60.5 cm
Max. Speed

13 km/h

(8.08 mph)

13 km/h

(8.08 mph)

13 km/h

(8.08 mph)

Max. Load

110 kg

(242.51 lbs)

110 kg

(242.51 lbs)

110 kg

(242.51 lbs)

Distance 5-10 km 8-10 km 8-10 km
Suggest 1-4 day trip 3-6 day trip 4-7 day trip



With its remarkable functions, premium materials, innovative features, versatile modes, and continuous upgrades, the Airwheel SE3 Series is the epitome of modern travel gear. Say goodbye to conventional luggage and embrace the future of smart travel with the Airwheel SE3 Series. Your journeys will never be the same again!

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