What is the price of Airwheel luggage?

Airwheel SE3S: $ 859.99 USD


It is a cycling case that can accompany its owner on trips around the world, in airports, stations, scenic spots and other situations where there is a need and a lack of more suitable mobility equipment.

Powered by electricity, it can ride at speeds of up to 13km/h, two to three times faster than walking, helping the user to travel more efficiently and save more time for the destination to be experienced.

Not only can it be ridden, but it also has an extended USB high performance charging port on the outside of the suitcase. When the user's mobile phone, tablet, Bluetooth headset and other electronic devices are running low on battery, there is no need to search for a place to recharge them, or to search for a mobile power source in the bag or luggage, just connect the cable and you can replenish the battery in time for a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Airwheel SE3T: $ 940.00 USD


Ordinary luggage is mainly moved by means of a tow bar and universal wheels at the bottom of the suitcase, which is easier than lifting or carrying the suitcase directly, but can still bring about fatigue over time. The Airwheel SE3T is equipped with a powerful 5.5" motor wheel that can carry you at a speed of 13km/h with minimal effort and efficiency, powered by electricity. This makes it particularly easy to get around quickly from the station entrance to the ticket gate, on long platforms or in hotels, for example.

In addition, it's not difficult to operate and you don't need to spend much time or effort learning how to use it once you get started. Its smart riding handle is designed with only left and right hand turnbuckles, accelerating on the right side and braking on the left, and can be operated in reverse at the same time.

The Airwheel SE3T smart luggage is not only fast and efficient enough, but also has a large capacity for week-long journeys. As a 24" suitcase, it measures 52cm x 27cm x 60cm and has 48L of internal storage space, allowing you to fit enough clothes, shoes, hairdryer, laptop, documents and other items. In addition, the case is divided into functional areas with different pockets for sorting and storing your luggage in a clear and easy way.


Have you ever been on a trip where your mobile phone, Bluetooth headset or other electronic device is running low on battery and you have to dig through your bag to find it when you have a rechargeable battery, or look around for a suitable place to charge it when you don't? To make charging on the go simple and easy, the Airwheel SE3T smart riding suitcase has a USB charging port on the outside of the suitcase, which can be connected to a data cable and charged directly.

As the suitcase is powered by electricity, battery life is also an important parameter. With a battery capacity of 73.26WH, the SE3T has a theoretical range of 8-10km in normal use, which is basically enough for a day's journey. Of course, if you are looking for a higher range, it can also satisfy you. The lithium battery is modular, located on the side of the suitcase and connected by a plug-in structure, so it can be removed and installed at any time without tools, making it very easy to operate. Elway offers a separate lithium battery as an option, so you can easily double the range by simply purchasing an additional lithium battery, without any technical difficulties.

Airwheel SE3miniT: $ 899.99 USD


Veteran travelers know that luggage is not only for storage, but also for mobility in a time of rapid technological development, allowing users to move around airports and stations more quickly and with less effort.

The Airwheel SE3miniT is such a great travel companion with a "riding" function. It can be used as a mobility device by simply pulling out the riding bar and riding at speeds of up to 13km/h, which is faster and more energy efficient than walking. The right-hand handlebar controls acceleration, the left-hand handlebar controls braking, and simultaneous operation allows reversing.

Although the built-in lithium battery is used as a kinetic drive, it does not affect the Airwheel SE3miniT as a boarding case for flights. The size of the case meets the standard specifications for a 20" boarding case; the lithium battery not only has a capacity of 73.26WH, but also features a removable design that allows it to be disassembled in a second for quick and smooth passage before security checks; the case lock uses a TSA customs lock that prevents violent customs opening.


To further facilitate travel, two USB charging ports have been extended on the outside of the case, allowing two sets of devices to be charged at the same time, allowing mobile phones, tablets and other portable electronic devices to be charged without worrying about low battery levels.

Airwheel SR5: $ 919.99 USD

Travelling with a large bag is inevitable, and when there is nowhere to put your luggage, the experience can be greatly affected by the weight. But with the Airwheel SR5, you can easily free your hands.


It is equipped with a highly accurate UWB positioning module, so all you need to do is wear the smart bracelet, turn on the following mode and the luggage will move on its own, following its owner steadily. Its following speed is between 2km/h and 6km/h, and it will monitor the distance between it and its owner in real time and flexibly adjust the appropriate following speed so as to maintain the appropriate following status.

For safety reasons, it also has a safety distance, once the distance between it and its owner exceeds 3m, the smart bracelet will vibrate to alert the owner.

During the following process, Airwheel SR5 Smart Follow Box is also able to intelligently avoid obstacles. It is equipped with ultrasonic and infrared sensor modules, which work together to intelligently identify obstacles around the following path, whether it is a moving person or pet, or a fixed pillar or wall, etc. It can calculate a suitable obstacle avoidance plan in time, allowing the owner to use it without worries.

Airwheel SQ3: $ 599.99 USD


Going on a trip with children is always tiring! However, parent-child trips are still something that parents and friends will actively choose and carry out in order to accompany their children's growth and enhance their parent-child relationship. The Airwheel SQ3, as a rideable smart kid's suitcase, is just right to be an important companion during parent-child excursions, taking the load off both children and parents.

It rides at 5km/h, the same speed as an adult on foot, just enough to help the child easily follow the parent's pace, and is powered by electricity throughout, effortlessly. The child is relieved and the parent no longer has to carry the load when the child is tired.

It's also easy to operate, and as a ride-on box designed for children aged 3-6, parents don't have to worry about it sitting idle because they can't learn. The SQ3 has only one handle on the left and one on the right, accelerating on the right and decelerating on the left, while the reverse is controlled.


In addition to the riding function, the Airwheel SQ3 Smart Kids Box has a very interesting way of playing. It has an integrated hi-fi speaker, supports TF card reading and Bluetooth connection, and can be used as a smoker to play children's songs, e-books, music and other types of audio.

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