Top 3 Motorized Luggage 2024, Airline Banned?

What is motorized luggage?

Motorized luggage, also known as smart luggage or electric luggage. Motorized luggage refers to suitcases or bags that are equipped with built-in motors and wheels, allowing them to move autonomously or to be ridden without the need for manual pulling or pushing. These innovative pieces of luggage utilize electric motors, batteries, and sensors to provide self-propulsion and ease of mobility.

The 3 best motorized luggage at a glance:

  1. Best ride on smart suitcase: Airwheel SE3 Smart Riding Scooter Suitcase
  2. Best auto-follow smart suitcase: OVIS Auto-Follow Suitcase
  3. Best tracking smart suitcase: Samsara Luggage Tag Smart Aluminium Silver

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Airwheel SE3S

airwheel shop blog se3s

Airwheel electric ride-on luggage is the most eye-catching motorized luggage options on the market. Thanks to its build-in motor, you can ride it 10km on 13km/h anywhere that can help you save time and energy. Airwheel luggage also includes a removable power bank. You must detachable the lithium power bank until you check in.

Learn more about Airwheel model

OVIS Auto-Follow Suitcase

OVIS Auto-follow Suitcase

If you’re not quite ready to ride your suitcase through the airport but you don’t want the hassle of having to drag it behind you, this option could be for you. The suitcase follows you as you walk, using clever sensors to avoid obstacles as they appear. It can drive itself for 13 miles on just one charge and has a max. speed of 4.5mph. 

More like this: Airwheel SR5 smart follow luggage ($827)

Samsara Luggage Tag Smart Aluminium Silver

Samsara Luggage Tag Smart Aluminum Silver Suitcase

    This Samsara suitcase comes with a few nifty features, but the ‘smart’ element comes in the form of its tracking technology. It arrives with an Apple AirTag in a slot at the back of the suitcase, so you can use the ‘Find My’ app on any iPhone to monitor your luggage.

    What does motorized luggage bring to us?


      Motorized luggage is designed to make travel easier and more convenient. It typically features built-in electric motors and wheels, allowing you to effortlessly move your luggage without exerting much physical effort. This is particularly useful in airports, train stations, or any place where you need to cover long distances while carrying heavy bags.


        Motorized luggage provides enhanced mobility compared to traditional suitcases. With a push of a button or a remote control, you can control the movement of your luggage, making it easy to navigate through crowded areas or uneven surfaces. This can be especially helpful for individuals with physical limitations or those who struggle with heavy bags.


          Motorized luggage can help save time during your travels. By eliminating the need to physically carry or drag your luggage, you can move more quickly and efficiently, reducing the time spent on transportation within airports or other travel hubs. This can be particularly beneficial if you have connecting flights or tight layovers.

          Built-in features

          Many motorized luggage options come equipped with additional features that further enhance their functionality. These features may include built-in GPS tracking systems, USB charging ports for your devices, Bluetooth connectivity for remote control, integrated scales to weigh your bags, and even built-in anti-theft mechanisms for added security.

          Innovation and Tech Appeal

            Motorized luggage represents a technological advancement in the travel industry, appealing to those who enjoy incorporating the latest innovations into their lives. Using motorized luggage can be a fun and futuristic experience, allowing travelers to embrace technology while making their journey more comfortable.

            Important Note

              There are also considerations to keep in mind while motorized luggage offers several advantages, such as potential weight restrictions, battery life, and the need to comply with airline regulations regarding electronic devices.

              Are Motorized Luggage Banned?

              Even though motorized luggage is technically allowed, in reality, using them is a nightmare because you’ll be stopped by airport security almost every time. Even Modobag themselves are very vague about the subject on their website.

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              But Now You Don't Have to Worry About the Banned.

              Let's look at the airline ban first:

              Airlines announced in 2017 that "smart luggage" with lithium-ion battery power banks will be banned – unless the battery can be removed if the bag needs to be checked. Smart bags have been gaining popularity for travelers the world over.

              Airwheel motor luggage are equipped with removable power battery. When you carry your suitcase for security check at the airport, you can easily remove the power battery without any tools and pass the security check smoothly. When you need to check your suitcase at the airport, you only need to remove the removable battery before check-in and carry it into the cabin, and then you can install your power battery on the Airwheel suitcase after getting off the plane to realize riding at the airport.


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