No need to walk at the airport, hop on your motorized luggage with Airwheel!

Why walk through the airport when you can ride? No, we're not suggesting you take a joyride on electric carts meant for people with disabilities. We're talking about Airwheel, the world's leader rideable travel bag.


Airwheel is a hybrid luggage—it's both your carry-on and an electric scooter. Use it as a regular wheeled suitcase by pulling out the handle and rolling it along. But when you need to zoom through the terminal like a superhero, quickly lower the bag into riding position, hop onto the built-in seat area, press the "Go" button, and off you go!

This versatile little wonder packs a 250-watt brushless motor that can whisk you up to 6 miles (10 km) per charge at a speed of 8 mph (13 km/h) within the airport concourse. That's three times faster than lazy walkers heading to the boarding gate. It comes with a smartphone app for remote control and an anti-loss alarm system, making it fun and practical beyond your imagination.

But Airwheel isn't just a fancy wheeled bag. It boasts high-performance sealed bearing steering columns, dual buttons for forward and backward movement, and dual USB charging ports for your gadgets on the go. It even has a remote control system that works with the companion iOS or Android app to maneuver your bag wherever you want it to go. With 20L/26L packing space, weighing only 16 pounds, and accommodating passengers up to 250 pounds, Airwheel is the ultimate travel companion. And the best part? It fits in the overhead bin, complying with TSA, FAA, and IATA regulations.

Airwheel is available for global online purchase at Enjoy a 15% discount, with prices starting at $688. So why walk when you can ride with Airwheel!

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