Is Airwheel luggage allowed in flight?

In the previous article, we mentioned that the factors affecting the boarding of smart suitcase are the size of the suitcase, the weight of the suitcase, whether the built-in battery of the suitcase is removable or not and the capacity of the battery. Today, here, we will explore the issue of whether Airwheel suitcase can be boarded. My answer to this question is, of course. Airwheel suitcase is specially designed for passengers travelling by air.

Is Airwheel SE3S suitcase allowed in flight? Yes

Airwheel SE3S is a smart rideable luggage with built-in pusher motor and lithium battery. Its size and built-in lithium battery do not interfere with boarding, whether checked or as carry-on luggage in the passenger cabin.


The size of the Airwheel SE3S smart ride-On Luggage is 36 x 24 x 55 cm, which is in line with international standards for 20 inches boarding luggage. It can be carried directly on board without the need to check it in, and fits perfectly in the luggage compartment.

Lithium batteries

For safety reasons, all major international airlines restrict the use of lithium batteries in passengers' carry-on items on flights. The Airwheel SE3S smart riding Luggage has a removable modular lithium battery with a capacity of 73.26WH to meet the requirements of international airlines for boarding. The battery can be removed quickly before security checks (no disassembly tools required) and then boarded without any problems.

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Is Airwheel SE3T suitcase allowed in flight?Yes

Airwheel SE3T is also a kind of electric smart luggage that can be ridden. The main difference between it and SE3S is that its riding joystick cannot be retracted forward, but it can be ridden by two people together. The size of the luggage and the built-in lithium battery will not affect your check-in process.


The Airwheel SE3T is 52 x 27 x 60.5 cm, which basically meets the size requirements of most airlines for checked luggage. However, it cannot be carried in the passenger cabin on an overhead rack as it is over 20 inches and will need to be checked in for boarding.

Lithium battery

The Airwheel SE3T smart rideable suitcase has a modular lithium battery design with a quick-swap construction that allows for easy removal without the use of any auxiliary tools. The battery has a capacity of 73.26WH, which is fully compliant with international airline boarding control requirements for lithium batteries. Therefore, when you travel with your Airwheel SE3T on an aeroplane, you only need to remove the built-in lithium battery and put it into your carry-on luggage to take it into the passenger cabin, and then your suitcase can be easily checked in.

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Is Airwheel SE3miniT suitcase allowed in flight?Yes

Airwheel SE3miniT is another kind of smart luggage that can be ridden, it is similar to SE3T, only that it is relatively smaller in size and meets the size requirements of airlines for carry-on luggage.



The size of the Airwheel SE3miniT is 38.5 x 25 x 57.5 cm, which is also in line with the international airlines standard for 20 inches boarding suitcases. So you can take it straight on board and start your trip without having to check it in.

Lithium battery

The Airwheel SE3miniT has a modular battery design that allows for flexible removal and installation without the use of any other tools. This lithium battery has a capacity of 73.26WH, which meets the requirements of major airlines for lithium batteries boarding, so you can simply remove the battery quickly before security checking and place it in your carry-on luggage for a smooth and unobstructed passage. So, when you need a portable and hassle-free luggage that can travel with you in the cabin, you can choose Airwheel SE3miniT luggage.

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Is Airwheel SR5 suitcase allowed in flight?Yes

Airwheel SR5 is an smart robot luggage that enables automatic following function. This smart following suitcase is equipped with a UWB high precision positioning module and a special smart bracelet for the user. All you need to do is to put on the bracelet, turn it to the following mode and it will automatically locate your coordinate location and follow you everywhere.


The size of the Airwheel SR5 is 38.1 x 24.6 x 53.3 cm, which is the size of a standard 20 inches boarding case, so it can be carried on board and placed on the overhead compartment of the plane without having to check in.

Lithium battery

The battery of the Airwheel SR5 smart following suitcase is modular and has a capacity of 62.64WH, which meets the international airlines limit of 100WH for lithium batteries. So, are you tired of lugging heavy suitcases around? Do you also want to free your hands when travelling? If yes, try Airwheel SR5 smart luggage, and you will have a very cool experience.

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