What is Airwheel luggage?

Airwheel Luggage is a kind of luggage with intelligent functions, which is manufactured and marketed by the Chinese company Airwheel. This smart luggage combines advanced technology and innovative design to provide a range of convenient and practical functions for travelers.

Airwheel luggage is mainly available in the following models:

Smart Riding Luggage

When it comes to smart riding suitcases, the highly popular type of products launched by Airwheel has been subdivided into many different types.

Let's start with the Airwheel SE3S, a smart rideable boarding suitcase.

 Airwheel se3s

The reason for starting with this suitcase is that it has a telescopic smart ride handle. This design gives long-legged people a more comfortable ride and a greater extension of their arms. The telescopic operation is very simple as it is designed with an electric telescopic structure, so all you have to do is press the telescopic switch.

The Airwheel SE3S smart ride luggage is designed specifically for travellers travelling by air. It has a size of 20 inches and meets international luggage boarding requirements. In addition, it has a built-in lithium battery with a capacity of 73.26WH and a modular battery design, which can be removed at any time for smooth passage before boarding and going through security.

With a riding speed of up to 13km/h, the Airwheel SE3S allows users to move faster with electrical power. Energy saving and efficient, you no longer need to worry about missing your shift or walking until your legs get weak.

Then there is the even more compact Airwheel SE3miniT ride boarding suitcase.

Airwheel se3minit

The smart ride handle of Airwheel SE3miniT has the same concealed telescopic structure as the tow bar, so it is very convenient to pull out and use.

Although it does not have an extended structure, the suitcase of the Airwheel SE3miniT was designed by the winner of the International IF Award. The "Z" shape of the suitcase is in line with mechanics and ergonomics, and the case has a reasonable integrated concave shape to give ample support points for the feet and ensure riding comfort as well.

This smart luggage is more compact but has a larger internal volume of 26L, which is more than enough for a week of travel.

In terms of speed, it also reaches a maximum speed of 13km/h, making it easy and pleasant to avoid collisions, even in dense crowds.

For younger children, Airwheel has also launched the Smart Kids Luggage Airwheel SQ3.

Airwheel sq3

Airwheel SQ3 is also an smart riding suitcase that is boardable and has a storage space of up to 15L, which is just right for storing toys, snacks, clothes and other items specifically for children. It has a riding speed of 5km/h, which is the same as the walking speed of an adult, helping children to easily catch up with their parents while allowing parents to conveniently watch their children riding the Airwheel SQ3 smart luggage without having to run, avoiding them from getting out of supervision and causing danger because of the speed.

This luggage is also equipped with a high quality speaker inside and supports both TF card reading and Bluetooth connection, which can create more fun and happiness for children on their parent-child travels!

Airwheel SQ3 smart luggage is in the shape of a cute woof, available in blue, pink and white, and comes with a variety of DIY stickers to guide your children to create their own personalized luggage.

If the previous smart riding suitcases are developed and designed based on the standards of a boarding suitcase, the Airwheel SE3T smart riding luggage goes beyond the framework of a boarding suitcase to achieve a larger capacity.

Aiwheel se3t

Airwheel SE3T is a 24" smart riding suitcase with a capacity of up to 48L, which makes it ideal for use when you are away from home for school or work. The larger suitcase not only allows for more storage but can also be used by two people riding at the same time, so it is also great for going out shopping with children.

This luggage is made from the same ABS+PC composite material as all Airwheel smart luggage, which is strong, tough, scratch and abrasion resistant. Besides, it has a certain degree of water resistance so that the luggage inside does not get wet due to rain on the road.

The frame of the suitcase is also made of a patented 6 series high grade aluminium alloy, which is made by unibody technology and reinforced with dozens of high strength rivets. With a load capacity of 110 kg, the suitcase is still fully stable and does not deform.

Smart Auto Follow Luggage

In addition to making traditional luggage rideable, Airwheel is also introducing the Airwheel SR5, an smart follow luggage that moves around automatically without the need to carry it.

Airwheel sr5

Airwheel SR5 is equipped with a UWB high precision positioning module, just wear the smart bracelet, turn on the following mode, the suitcase will automatically drop the motor wheel, lock the owner's coordinate information and flexible following up.

With following speed between 2km/h-6km/h, Airwheel SR5 smart following luggage will monitor the distance between it and its owner in real time, so as to adjust the speed in real time and ensure a suitable following state. It is also set with a safety distance, once it is found to be more than 3m, the smart bracelet will immediately vibrate to alert the attention in case of loss.

Taking into account the complex travel environment, Airwheel SR5 is also equipped with infrared, ultrasonic and other sensor modules inside the suitcase, which will integrated monitor the obstacles in the surrounding environment, then amend the following path in real time, adopt suitable bypassing and obstacle avoidance solutions to avoid collision and ensure a worry-free journey.

What are you waiting for? Just take the Airwheel luggage with you on your trip!


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