Take the Airwheel SE3S smart rideable luggage for travel in 2023

Due to the exhaustion of boats and cars along the way, as well as various random trivialities, which will weaken the relaxed and enjoyable experience and make the journey burdensome and exhausting.

If it comes to solutions, why not try Airwheel SE3S smart ridable luggage.

As a suitcase, it can serve the function of "means of transportation" during the journey, so that the journey will be free from the pain of running around.

The operation is very simple, you only need to press the telescopic switch on the suitcase body, wait for the smart riding rod to automatically extend, and then you can ride it. Its operation is very similar to that of an electric car, and it adopts a minimalist design. There are only left and right handlebars on the handlebar. Accelerate on the right side and brake on the left side. Brake first and then accelerate to reverse. Simple, but enough to deal with Complicated road conditions, come and go freely.

It is used as the driving front wheel, using a more powerful and durable brushless motor, and the riding speed can reach 13km/h, which is faster and more efficient than the ordinary walking speed of 5km/h, which can greatly save the travel time , so that more time and energy into the journey. The applicable scenarios are mainly airports and stations with a large internal space, which can help you easily go to the boarding point of other means of transportation.

The luggage body adopts an exclusive patented frame design, which is made of aviation-grade high-grade aluminum alloy with integrated molding technology; the luggage frame and the box shell are reinforced with high-strength riveting to ensure that the box shell is more obedient to the box frame. Time rides don't deform either. Its load can reach 110kg, and you can safely store all kinds of item within a reasonable load range without worrying about damage caused by extrusion.

What’s very considerate is that the Airwheel SE3S smart rideable luggage is also designed with a USB charging port, which can be turned into a portable charging station during the journey. When the power of your mobile phone, tablet, Bluetooth headset and other electronic devices is too low, you only need to connect the data cable to charge it in time to ensure the use and make the journey pleasant and worry-free.

As a smart luggage, Airwheel SE3S also has an exclusive APP. After downloading and installing, users only need to click on the APP to view information such as remaining power, riding time, mileage, etc., which greatly facilitates the management and control of the use of luggage. In the riding state, it can also be used to adjust the riding gear. The high-speed gear can reach 13km/h, and the low-speed gear can reach 9km/h. When riding in a dense crowd, you can choose a low-speed gear to ensure safety. In addition, it can be used to adjust the color and special effects of the decorative lighting of the box to add color to the suitcase. And a search mode has been developed. Just enable this mode, and the suitcase will automatically emit a light to remind the user to pay attention and help in the search. Quickly find your favorite suitcase among many suitcases.

If you are concerned about whether you can board the plane, Airwheel SE3S smart riding luggage can also satisfy you excellently. Its battery adopts a modular design with a capacity of 73.26WH. Before the security inspection, it only needs to turn off the switch, disassemble and take it out, and then it can meet the relevant regulations and pass smoothly. At the same time, the volume of the box conforms to the international 20-inch boarding case standard, so it can be carried directly on the plane without checking in, and can accompany you to fly around the world.

Take the Airwheel SE3S smart riding luggage and experience a more free journey accompanied by smart technology.

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