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It's been 37 years since trolley luggage was introduced in 1987. It may have become a staple of today's journeys and a habit, but there is still room for improvement and change will eventually come. So, how about smart riding luggage?

Airwheel smart riding luggage

Smart technology is developing rapidly, from mobile phones to refrigerators and televisions, more equipment is undergoing the baptism of intelligence, and luggage is naturally no exception. It is no longer the change of luggage shape, colour, pattern and material, nor the pursuit of lightweight and luxury brand impressions. Airwheel has added more technological options to the luggage market, creatively relying on the realization of intelligent functions to bring a more convenient and technological way of future travel - smart riding luggage, to the forefront.
Airwheel specializes in software and hardware applications in the fields of artificial intelligence, internet sensing, robotics deep learning, multi-dimensional traffic and other technologies, and has set up a European technology and R&D centre in Brussels. Besides, it maintains close cooperation with a number of universities and research institutes. The team hope to achieve bold breakthroughs and industrial chain layout in more traditional fields. At present, Airwheel products are sold in 68 countries and regions around the world, with more than 400 patents and two international IF design awards.

Airwheel company

The technical strength of Airwheel is an important characteristic that sets it apart from traditional luggage brands, and because of this, it is able to inject more possibilities into the market. With the precise control of the user's pain points, Airwheel has equipped the traditional luggage with an intelligent control system, so that the luggage can no longer only be used for storage, but can also be transformed into a rideable mobility equipment to carry people around. This new application brings a great change to the journey, no longer need to drag the trolley bar in the large airport, station running to exhaustion, just riding comfortably, with speed up to 13km/h. Energy saving and efficient, let the fish and the bear's paw available at the same time. It becomes the only one in the technology society now, that can challenge the beautiful creation.

Of course, for the smart riding luggage, the realization of "rideable" does not mean that it is a great success. "strength of the box", "difficulty to get started", "passability in multiple scenarios" are also the keys! Only by leaving no regrets can it be an important starting point for smart luggage change.

pc+abs+aluminium alloy materials of Airwheel luggages

In terms of luggage strength, Airwheel has the core patent to apply one-piece forming technology with aviation-grade aluminium alloy, which fully supports the luggage structure and makes the smart riding luggage sufficient to carry the weight of each user.

The difficulty of getting started, also with the core patent, realizes the extremely simplified design with no exposed external wires. The users only need to manipulate the smart handle to easily achieve forward, brake, backward and other riding needs.

And multi-scene passability, the main core adapts to multiple scenes of transport. Each smart rideable suitcase are modular design. The batteries can be disassembled at any time without any other tools, or powered off, which is in line with the airline safety norms made for lithium batteries.

ride on Airwheel se3minit

To promote the popularity of something new, we must ensure that it is more mature and diverse. Whether in AI algorithms, smart control, intelligent applications, or new energy applications, ergonomics and so on, Airwheel has made bold attempts on luggage, and through repeated innovative trials and the integration of technologies from various fields, it has launched a number of smart luggage products one after another. They are not simple replicas, but provide differentiated functions and services for users through continuously maturing technologies.

Among these are the boardable 20" Airwheel SE3miniT, which accompanies its owner on business trips, or holiday trips, and flies around the world;

ride on Airwheel sq3

There is also a special luggage designed for younger children-Airwheel SQ3, mainly for parent-child trips, and with a "smart speaker" function, which can bring more fun to children's daily life;

Or, the Airwheel SE3S is a further upgrade in riding comfort, which can easily handle complex road conditions such as grass, sand and speed bumps, and has a larger stretchable wheelbase, especially for long-legged users;

ride on Airwheel se3s

The Airwheel SE3T, on the other hand, has been developed for users with higher storage needs. More storage space, makes it a powerful on-the-go companion, whether it's for a journey, supermarket shopping or holiday camping. Besides, this smart suitcase allows 2 people to ride on.

It can be said that each smart riding luggage launched by Airwheel has segmented the needs of users and provided further options on the category of "smart luggage" in a targeted manner.

ride on Airwheel se3t

The development of smart riding luggage may only be in its infancy at the moment, but judging from the spontaneous choices and demonstrations of Olympic champions, celebrities, and other users in various fields. It is bound to flow into a boom in the near future, leading a new trend for future journeys and taking over the place of existing traditional luggage.

As the creator of a new way of travel, Airwheel will always continue to output and promote the pioneering and popularization of smart riding luggage, making life more free and wonderful because of intelligence!

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