Review of Airwheel Kid’s Smart Riding Suitcase SQ3

As we all know, Airwheel, as a senior smart life solution provider, launched the electric riding suitcase SE3 in the early days, which was a highly popular hot product that exploded on Shake, and the boardable riding suitcase SE3mini in the later days, which was also extremely popular.


Recently, Airwheel has maintained a positive attitude and launched one of the new ride on suitcases, not to improve on the first two, but to target the use of children in the age group of 3-10 years old. I think parents or friends with children of the same age must be very interested in this new product.

Today, let's take a closer look at what the Airwheel SQ3 has to offer.

Appearance and materials

First impressions are important, and whether a luggage can win the heart of a child, the face is the first element!


Unlike the simple design of the adult luggage, the SQ3's body shape is similar to that of a cartoon dog, which is very childish and fun, so I believe it will be twice as cute for younger children.

The eyes and nose of the dog are carefully made on the suitcase, making it more vivid and cute.

The overall curved design of the box is not only vivid and cute, but also has no sharp points to avoid scratching or hooking clothing when used by children.

In addition to the pink version of the box, there are also white and blue options, giving children plenty of space to choose from.


And, to meet the diverse interests and preferences of children, the patterns on the box are not static.

The SQ3 offers children more stickers in the form of cartoon stickers, which can be freely chosen and changed from time to time. It's great to be able to change the stickers and experience a new style, just like a new suitcase.

When I tried to remove a corner of the sticker, there was no trace of adhesive on the surface of the suitcase, and the sticker was tough enough not to tear, so the repeated stickers mentioned in the official announcement are feasible.


The suitcase is made of hard ABS+PC material, which has a good texture and is extremely durable, not easy to produce scratches and wear, spill-resistant, just wipe when dirty, better care.


  • Electric riding

    The first thing to be mentioned in the opening scene is the electric riding function.


    The suitcase has a one-piece frame for better stability, so you don't have to worry about deforming the suitcase over a long period of time, and the load capacity can be up to 50kg.

    The front wheel is a brushless motor wheel, which is more durable and lasts longer than a brushed motor. The wheel tread is designed to be wide and has a non-slip pattern for good grip and a stable, safe ride.

    For safety reasons, the SQ3 is only capable of riding at a maximum speed of 5km/h, the slowest speed of any of Airwheel riding suitcases to date, but I'm sure no parent will complain about the lack of speed.


    The ride control is simple, press the power switch on the left side of the suitcase and then lift out the ride bar to use it.

    The switch is well positioned so that children can reach the switch even when sitting on the SQ3.

    The SQ3 also has a waterproof switch to avoid the dangers of splashing water or children touching the switch with water on their fingers while riding.

    The handle is thick and thin enough for children to hold and the functions are simple to control. The right-hand handlebar is for acceleration/advance and the left-hand handlebar is for braking.


    A simple measurement of the SQ3's minimum riding radius gives a figure of around 65cm, which makes it easy to move around in a crowded station or airport, even at home in the living room.

    Both sides of the suitcase are designed with raised footrests, 13.5cm long and 4cm wide, giving the child plenty of pedaling area and ensuring a comfortable ride. The design is also visually pleasing as it is integrated into the body of the suitcase.

    The arm of the ride arm is made of hardened aircraft aluminium and has been widened to a width of 2.5cm, so that it will not break even after prolonged use.

    The rear wheel spacing is 8cm, which is the wider part of the whole box. The wider the design of this part, the more it can avoid tipping and the safer it is when riding.

    • Trolley towing

        Despite the electric riding function, the SQ3 still retains the "tow bar" function. Whether you are faced with an unsuitable riding situation or a dead suitcase, you can always be prepared for an emergency.

        The tow bar is nearly 50cm long and has three adjustable positions to accommodate children of different heights and grow with them, even when an adult is helping them. 

        The tow bar's grip is perpendicular to the ground rather than parallel, which makes it even smoother to use. The only slight drawback is that the shaped body does not allow it to be parked upright on the ground like a normal suitcase when towing.

        • Pulling

            The SQ3 is equipped with an adjustable length hauling strap and lanyard loops at the front and rear of the suitcase that can be attached, extending the range of uses.

            Attached separately to the front, it allows the child to sit on the suitcase while the parent drags it in front, but as the riding wheels are not gimbaled, the child needs to cooperate in steering the direction.

            Also attached to the sides, it can be used for shoulder carrying. The whole suitcase weighs 4.5kg and may be difficult to carry over the shoulder for long periods of time, but it can always be used to deal with unexpected situations on the go and to show off in a pinch.

            More often than not, I think the strap can be used as a safety harness to prevent children from getting separated in a crowd when riding the SQ3.

            • Storage

                The lid can be opened by snapping the lid on the side of the luggage and pulling it open, and closed by simply pressing the lid back on, which is more convenient than many lids that open and close with a zip. The latch is more commonly found on yachts.

                Although the suitcase is small, it has a large internal storage space of around 15L.

                It is worth mentioning that the lid and the suitcase are edged with a soft velvet edge, while the suitcase is made of burgundy PU, which is durable and adds to the value of the suitcase.

                When I tried putting a book in, three different sizes of books, 32K, small 16K and large 16K, all fit flat without pressure and without curling.


                The SQ3 can therefore be used on the go not only for children's toys, snacks and replacement clothing, but also for children's daily reading books and picture books. As opposed to mixing these items with adults' belongings in a large suitcase, storing them separately in the SQ3 allows children to access their belongings whenever and wherever they want to pass the time while waiting or travelling by plane/high speed train/car, which also relieves parents of the burden of calming their children during the journey.

                • Music on the go

                  The Airwheel SQ3 also has a "music play" function, and when you listen to it, the sound is full and clear, warm and non-irritating, with stereo surround sound, which brings a richer entertainment experience to your child.


                  The control panel for playing music is located directly underneath the joystick. The membrane buttons are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to the touch, with a quick response at the touch of a button, so it doesn't take a miracle for the child.

                  The functions of the four buttons are clear at a glance, from left to right:

                  The first button, which adjusts the music playback mode, has a Bluetooth mode for connecting to the music library in the phone, and a mode for playing music from a TF card;

                  the second button, a short press to adjust the song to the previous one and a long press to reduce the volume;


                  The third button, which can be used to control the music playback function on and off;

                  The fourth button, short press to adjust the song to the next song, long press to increase the volume.

                  The inner case of the SQ3 is lined with fabric, which can be opened with a zip to reveal the music TF card insert, allowing you to change your child's favourite music, which is very user-friendly and avoids the embarrassment of hearing a fixed track.

                  • Light-up rear wheel

                      The rear wheel has a built-in light bead, which generates light through electromagnetic induction and emits colourful lights when riding or towing.


                      Nowadays, airplanes have become the primary transportation option for many families, so whether or not you can take your kid's riding suitcase Airwheel SQ3 on a plane is certainly an important consideration when buying it.

                      Here's a definite answer: yes!


                      The SQ3 is 470*270*425mm in size, which is in line with international airline regulations for the size of boardable luggage; at the same time, the battery pack has a capacity of 2000 mAh and a removable design, meeting international airline transport rules for the capacity and condition of lithium batteries.


                      The Airwheel SQ3 is a child's suitcase that is extremely well suited to children's preferences and habits in terms of appearance, functionality, control, safety and fun. It can be used as a travel suitcase to store toys, water bottles, clothes, snacks, books and other items for children, or as a mobility device for children on the go, making it an eye-catching and enjoyable product for children.


                      For parents, it will help them to solve the problem of tiredness when travelling with their children, so that they no longer have to worry about their children saying things like "I can't walk, I need to be carried", and it will also help them to develop their autonomy.

                      In addition to the trip, this ride-on luggage can also be used for weekend excursions and daily walks, transforming it into a large toy car and enriching the child's daily life, creating more fun for them. Even when they are not going on a trip, they will not be idle.

                      Buy Airwheel SQ3 now!

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