Queens Never Walk

At midnight on Nov. 1, Mariah Carey announced that Christmas is just around the corner, or in her words, Mariah SZN. But let's linger a little longer for this moment of Hollywood Halloween madness. 

airwheel shop queens never walk

Halloween is the best time of the year to have fun and not worry about what people will say. It's also a reason to spend time with family and gorge on sweets, but they both go hand in hand with the fun.

Paris Hilton deserves a mention, both for her choice of costume and for showing that a true queen never walks, she only lives.

Like Mariah herself, Paris is often the butt of online jokes, as Paris seems to openly loathe walking. Maria used to be carried by her dancers or spun around backstage at her concerts (and for all we know, she might still be) while Paris rode around her house on a motorized scooter. She didn't break the habit during Halloween.

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This Halloween, Paris played Britney Spears in a video for Toxic and wore the mushroom costume she wore on her most recent tour as Katy Perry. For the family Halloween costume, Paris, her husband and their children each played three of the most recognizable characters from Super Mario: Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi.

The two adults also had a pair of Airwheel robots rolling around their driveway for a video posted on Paris' IG Live. It may be a spon-con, but it's probably more in line with Paris's idea of "life," a phrase she coined that combines "killing" and "living," and probably excludes walking unless she has no other choice.

airwheel shop quuens never walk

The SE3 Airwheel robot that Paris chose as part of the costume is actually a smart suitcase from Airwheel, a Chinese company that specializes in electric carry-on luggage that doubles as a last-mile mobility solution. The idea of riding your luggage as an adult through an airport may seem absurd, but clearly there is a market for it - and it's not a small one.

airwheel shop queens never walk

The SE3 equipped with a 250W motor, 185Wh removable battery, electronic brakes and an aircraft-grade aluminum frame, the SE3 can reach a top speed of 10 km/h (6.3 mph). What sets it apart from other smart luggage is that it can be used exclusively as an electric scooter, featuring a display that shows basic stats, a USB charger that lets you charge your laptop or phone, as well as Bluetooth speakers and smartphone connectivity so you can play your favorite tunes while you're being towed.

Not bad for an electric scooter that also lets you carry your stuff with a TSA-compliant lock.

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