2023 Highly Cost-effective Smart Suitcase-Airwheel

Nowadays, society has moved from the Internet era to the smart era, and many ingenious high-tech products have appeared in our lives, bringing a lot of convenience to our lives. With the improvement of people's living standards, many people will be running around or travelling to see the outside world. This time there is no shortage of suitcases, but have you ever seen a smart follow suitcase? Have you ever seen a smart rideable suitcase?

Airwheel suitcase

When it comes to smart suitcase, the category may still be very new, but with the active exploration of Airwheel smart technology, it has also long opened up more options for the suitcase market. Airwheel's R&D team has applied the current mature smart technology into suitcase and launched a number of different types of smart luggage products.

Next, let's get to learn about the highly cost-effective smart suitcase in 2023-Airwheel!

Smart suitcase PK traditional suitcase

  1. Traditional suitcases are usually dragged or pushed, which can be tiring and leave your hands no free to hold other items, and although they can meet the need to carry luggage, the experience is not very strong. Smart suitcase, with strong power, can be driven by electric energy to help business travelers or travelers solve this problem, reduce the burden of their trip. The suitcase is also designed with anti-tracking, positioning, USB charging port, dazzling breathing light and other features. Convenient at the same time, the way is more exciting.
  2. Many people may think of a boarding problem, traditional suitcases can easily be boarded as long as the size meets the regulations, but smart suitcases are electric to go, with lithium batteries inside, so what about boarding of smart suitcase? Nowadays, smart suitcases follow international norms. The batteries are modular and removable, so whether they are installed or removed, it is a simple operation that can be done in a few seconds, making it easy to board.
  3. Smart suitcase although is more expensive than ordinary suitcase, but it is a real solution to the needs of consumers to free their hands and reduce the burden of travel. The general traditional suitcase, high-end points also cost several thousand dollars ranging, but it is still just a suitcase that can only hold luggage, it can not play a role in reducing the burden as the smart suitcase.
  4. Smart suitcase can bring us a different kind of intelligent life experience, just put on the bracelet, it can automatically follow you around, let your hands easy and comfortable. More amazing is to automatically avoid obstacles, just like your small entourage. Some smart suitcase can also take you riding, working to reduce the fatigue on the road.

Smart suitcases have many functions, with different functions such as rideable, smart anti-theft, alarm system, Bluetooth positioning, smart weighing, fingerprint unlocking, smart charging, etc. Smart black technology has brought a boon to travellers and is a trend of the times.

The next few smart suitcases and general rechargeable suitcases are recommended for you to make your journey more exciting and different.

Smart Follow Suitcase-Airwheel SR5

When you're on the road, it's natural to want to experience the sights and sounds of other places, and it's even better when you don't have the constraints of a suitcase. This is why the Airwheel SR5 Smart Follow Suitcase was created.

Airwheel sr5

The SR5 is equipped with a UWB module for high accuracy positioning, so users only need to wear the smart bracelet and turn on the following mode to enjoy the ease and comfort of having the suitcase automatically following behind them with free hands. The following speed ranges from 2km/h to 6km/h, and the Airwheel SR5 Smart Follow Luggage will adjust flexibly according to the distance between the user and the luggage, so as to maintain a suitable following state.

During the following process, the infrared and ultrasonic sensor modules inside the box will also work together to detect obstacles around the following path in time and calculate a reasonable obstacle avoidance plan to flexibly slow down and bypass the obstacles to avoid collisions, thus the users can use it without having to look back frequently.

Smart Rideable Suitcase-Airwheel SE3S & SE3miniT

Airwheel SE3S

Airwheel se3s

As a smart riding suitcase, the Airwheel SE3S can ride at speeds of up to 13km/h when powered by electricity, which not only solves the problem of carrying too much luggage than ordinary luggage that can only be towed, but also improves the way of travel, with a faster speed, further reducing the time consumed in the process of moving around during the journey.

As a boarding suitcase, the size of the case strictly follows the standard of a 20" boarding case, so it can be carried on board without the need to check in. Besides, the lithium battery used as a cycling drive, with a capacity of 73.26WH, meets the specifications made by Chinese and international airlines for the capacity of boarding power. Therefore, it can be carried on board directly.

Besides, the battery adopts a modular design, so it can be quickly disassembled and opened without the use of tools. The modular design allows the battery to be quickly removed and installed without any other tools, even if it needs to be stored separately without power.

Airwheel SE3miniT

Airwheel se3minit

On the road, many people would lament that airports and stations are too big, making them too tiring to walk until their legs are tired. The Airwheel SE3miniT is another smart riding suitcase that is designed to ease the burden of travel. It is lighter and has more capacity than the Airwheel SE3S, although it does not have a telescopic lever that extends back and forth.

Equipped with a powerful motor wheel, it can carry the user at a maximum speed of 13km/h with less effort and efficiency, making the journey easier and smoother. This suitcase is made of PC, ABS and aluminium alloy, which make it robust enough for durability.

To facilitate the journey, the exterior of the suitcase is also designed with a USB charging port, which can be used as a mobile charging station at any time. Just connecting the data cable to replenish the power of electronic devices that need to be charged in time, the users do not have to pay attention to the power at all times when they go out to play any more.They can just focus more on the journey and enjoy the fun!

Airwheel suitcase

Why is Airwheel the highly cost-effective smart suitcase? Because in today's market, smart suitcase is expensive generally, but not only does Airwheel suitcase have a lot of smart features, it is also relatively affordable, basically under $1000.

This year, give your journey a little more intelligence and let Airwheel smart suitcase give you more freedom and fun of experience.

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